peekaboo on a wheelchair

Looking like a Predator in the cold


by Royal Hopper  

This week, as the city filled with 10,000 concert goers sporting long toed Mexican boots and ten gallon hats for a Latin music festival , the rest of Sin City did what it always did _ gambled drank ..cavorted with strangers took photos they will bore their friends at parties with and made and spent lots of money. It is the Vegas way . . . Vegas baby . Only it was cold this week

All week in the City of Sin it was the city itself . . . . I can hear all you Minnesotans and Canadians laughing as I write but 38 is hell frozen over in the desert.

guy walking bundled

A sinner bundled up and walking in the winter weather last week .. Photo by Royal Hopper

I suppose the two gamblers that were spied teaching their kids to bounce pennies into cups of beer at a bar said the same thing when the business’s order keepers told them what they were doing ie teaching their kids to be alcoholics and gamblers in a bar was against the law go figure.

This time of year people turn on their heaters for a couple of months and break out the winter clothes that have been collecting dust in a forgotten corner of their oversized closets.


Standing is important – Photo by Royal Hopper

Even in the winter, especially in the winter doing anything in the City of Sin requires precision and knowledge. It is not a place you fly by the seat of your pants or ass the movies put it “follow your gut.” Any honest Sinner will tell you this is a recipe for doom. You have to be at least a little wise.
“Know where you are going and look like you know where you are going.”

Dedicated predators will target anyone if they are desperate but as a rule they, as with any predator, they usually look for the easiest most obvious prey that will cost them the least if it, the prey, turns out to be prepared to fight.,one by mountain

Appearances count here and if you look lost and alone ..if you look like a gazelle that wandered away from its heard looking for its next nibble of grass you may as well paint a big P on your forehead or wear a Tshirt that’s says hey I am a victim. If you look like a wandering badd ass or at least some one who is a little wise chances are all but the boldest or most desperate of predators will pass you by for greener safer pastures.

Locals will develop a certain way of walking and talking and sometimes even without noticing will do a fair job of looking like one of the predators.

It was cold this week. The track Pros..those are the working girls who don’t pretend to be nice girls out for a good time or exotic dancers working for tips dress warmer and the street hustlers go on vacation or move indoors.

Its not a B-movie marathon or a morality tale to scare children into behaving. It is life in the City of Sin.

Take care Sinners

Love you guys

Happy Thanksgiving from the City of Sin

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