The ultimate game of chicken. You wont hit me dude. That is a new truck. You will not hit me _ Photo by Royal

The ultimate game of chicken. You wont hit me dude. That is a new truck. You will not hit me _ Photo by Royal

A woman with blue hair, a furry animal backpack and a neo-Anime outlook on wardrobe saunters up to a crosswalk with a world weary Sin City attitude about her. She looks around at the stares she knows she is drawing and rolls her eyes Sin City style and begins trudging across the intersection.

A man who looks like his last meal was stolen from convenience store walks up to one of the last banks of pay phones and pretends to make a call.

In yet another part of the city of sin a man is poised underneath what looks like a small dumpster welded to a heavy duty shopping cart frame. Occasionally he looks up at carts like owner with a practiced eye assesses the damage the precision machinery has sustained.

What does it all mean ???? The answer in a few columns.

woman playing games and smoking

The Freaks are Everywhere and it is a good thing or Driving in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

You are driving down a Sin City roadway in the sweltering heat of August and you see a man standing hear one the isolated banks of ancient payphones that populate the odd street corner of Sin City. The man looks around to see if anyone in the Sin City rush hour traffic is bothering to look at a bedraggled, bearded apparently homeless man dressed in ratty, torn, dirty sweats and the turns to the payphone striding up the antique phones grabbing one with gusto and apparently beginning an animated conversation with someone on the other end.
One can only imagine what he says.
“No seriously I cant make lunch Friday. I have a corner to work. Will work for food baby. Ciao baby.”

The weather turned cooler in the City of Sin this week. In Vegas terms that means 95 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 105.

I swear to you I saw a man underneath a shopping cart loaded with stuff as if he was fixing a flat or readjusting the gears on the cart. It was a custom job with what appeared to be a small dumpster welded to the top of it. As the light changed the cart mechanic gave the owner a thumbs up indicating that perhaps the Cadillac of shopping carts/dumpster was ready to roll.
One mans broken down shopping cart is another’s Ferrari. One mans modified dumpster is another’s Sunday Honey Do list.

The Pay Phone guy - Royal Hopper

The Pay Phone guy – Royal Hopper

As you wind down the road toward the tourists corridor in the center of town the blue haired babe crosses the street with a confidence you might expect from a babe brave enough to walk around in Vegas with blue hair and a furry animal backpack.

Such things are not an uncommon thing in the City of Sin. As someone who has personally seen grown men wearing pony ears and a Snow White dress and several groups of anime characters having lunch in the 15 years off and on I have lived and worked in the City of Sin I can tell whatever it was in the days of Elvis. Las Vegas is a the Freak capital of North America.

Working men _Photo by Royal

Working men _Photo by Royal

What does it mean ???? This is Vegas baby.. The City of Sin. This is where the Freaks come to unfurl their flags _ man .. . . .

To paraphrase Shrek’s “buddy” Mama Bear “This baby Vegas Baby. Let your freak flag fly.”Says it all _ Photo by Royal Hopper

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