Getting gas in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

Getting gas in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

Everybody has a meeting in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper 

Buddha Pest rampaged across the City of Sin this week, and Amina Acid and 315 Zombies were right behind them as hometown denizens of Sin City the aptly named Sin City Roller Girls prowled the hallways and asphalt byways of the City of Sin. Roller Con made its annual journey through the city Elvis, Bugsy, Big Bird and company.

Where the hell did I put that thing --Royal Hopper

Where the hell did I put that thing –Royal Hopper

About this time of year in the city of Sin the streets and hotels fill with costumed characters, multi colored Mohawks and skates as the Roller Derby spent the week in its natural home The City of Sin.

In case you havent figured it out yet Las Vegas is the place people go to let their freak flags fly, to wear red Mohawks and leather kilts and dress like psychopathic Cupie Dolls strolling through a casino arm in arm and this was the week for that kind of stuff.

People come to the City of Sin for all kinds of reason but one of the most common reasons is to hold a meeting of some kind.

Driving past an intersection on Tropicana on the daily commute I spotted one of the not so secret unofficial underpass meeting places of the city’s denizens.

They could have been a group of sign holders waiting for rush hour to garner donations or a group of commuters who found a place to meet or buy grass or talk about their favorite soaps. Whatever the case this group of concrete loungers had gathered in the dead space between the apartment/commercial zones on Tropicana and the fast food shopping jungle of the suburbs. They were lounging in the shade on the concrete a few feet from Sin City commuters hurried to or from work or errands on a hot summer day.

Even in Vegas - Royal Hopper

Even in Vegas – Royal Hopper

Tough pony tail football jersey chick sat next to seen his better days weird hat guy and across from them sat back pack guy and random down on his luck guy waiting for his next shift at the Mini Mart so he can afford a cheap apartment guy.
The minutes of the meeting were held with high fives and fist bumps as the traffic light turned green and observers went on their way.

Miles away in the safer confines of a local casino a similar meeting takes place with similar archetypes. This time the meeting takes place at a local bar inside the casino.. Tough pony tail guy calls the meeting to order with a bad joke, seen his better day guy puffs up at the punch line making the starched creases on his 40 year old company blazer stand up as he bristles at the joke, weird hat guy gestures with his hat, random down on his luck guy borrows a $20 for the waitress and waiting for his next shift guy realizes he is on vacation.

Vegas Baby - Royal Hopper

Vegas Baby – Royal Hopper

Everywhere you look in the City of Sin someone is having a meeting. Some meetings decide the fate of millions of dollars, some the distribution of left over weed and a random $20. Whatever the case it is always life in the City of Sin.

Take Care Sinners

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