In Sin City Neon is as normal as sidewalks and ice cream in other places- Royal

In Sin City Neon is as normal as sidewalks and ice cream in other places- Royal

You cant argue with a confident man,” goes a saying so old it was in a movie some 30 years ago. Vegas is about a lot of things but mostly math and attitude. If you can count cards and calculate odds you know math.
If look and act like you are a bad ass or crazy or someone who knows someone or someone down on their luck worthy of sympathy often, not always, but often people will assume you are and that can be a gift. That is the Vegas attitude ..that is Sin City confidence.

The Confident Man

By Royal Hopper

A man stands in the median of a busy Las Vegas road beside his shopping cart smiling and waving at motorists as they eye him warily. He is surprisingly clean cut for a “Sign Holding Shopping Cart Person,” and bares a short well maintained military style haircut.

Just because it looks cool and the shot came out right - Royal

Just because it looks cool and the shot came out right – Royal

The sign he carries has one word written on it in neat stylized script .“Smile,” reads the sign and he does smile as he runs into the street darting between cars as the vehicles in that lane stop for a traffic light. Despite almost being hit several times the man continued to dart into traffic and was rewarded at least once with something I could not see from the opposite lane. This is a confident man.

Later that same week

A woman sheds a tear as she explains to the security guard how she is trying to get money anyway she can.
“No not that way,” she said waving her hand in desperate dismissal assuring the guard she is not a “working girl” despite her predicament. She just needs money for her kids and needs to get home so she can be there when they wake up not even batting an eye when she adds “because” I owe it to them. She tried to make money by selling things but the person she had given the items to sell had ripped her off and .and and . . . .
That is a confidence woman.. . . . Maybe it was all true .but most likely it was a scam and you gotta be confident to run a panhandling scam on casino property with the property order keepers staring right at you .. . . confident woman. . . .

Singing in the rain - Royal

Singing in the rain – Royal


Late night in a casino a man stands on two metal disks attached to his legs just below the knee. Without his lower legs he is barely five feet tall but still a confident man very much in place in a city built around the aura of the confident man. He Mack’s on the woman standing next to him and pulls on the lever of the one armed bandit with a gusto his better equipped fellow gamblers don’t even try to match. He is barely five feet tall in with his shortened legs but he acts larger than life.

Confidence even contrived confidence is better than desperation it seems and better camouflage for the Sinners make their way through the campy, dangerous over the top 24 hour urban theater that is the City of Sin..

Take Care Fellow Sinners

Crossing the street _ Royal

Crossing the street _ Royal

waiting at corner High Roller jet and tree

Rock onDSCF7271

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