Ferris Wheel - Royal Hopper

Ferris Wheel – Royal Hopper

Question of the Day ?? What do you call a man who sits down at a slot machine that has been disabled for hours and tries to claim he hit a jackpot and had not been paid. Many called this man a DWEEB but the definition of DWEEB is often debated on theses pages and never completed defined.


Dweebs, Dogs and Dudes in the City of Sin


by Royal Hopper
Define Dweeb,

Morning in Sin City - Royal Hopper

Morning in Sin City – Royal Hopper

Drunk Winos Entertaining Entropic Bottoms??????
Dangerous Windows Exit Ending baseball ????

There is something about the City of Sin that makes the hidden issues people bring with them jump into full alcohol enhanced view.

For whatever reason if you have a weakness for gambling it shows in the City of Sin. If you like to drink now and then landing in the City of Sin suddenly turns you into a sloppy annoying should not be allowed to breed or be out after 10 p.m. drunk.

Its kind of like what one casino patron said when she realized another casino patron was using bad pick up lines on her dog..

Neon in Sin City _ Royal Hopper

Neon in Sin City _ Royal Hopper

“ I think that guy just asked my dog to see his bottle cap collection,” she said sounding both confused and a little jealous. The woman one of the thousands of dog owners in the City of Sin for the annual City of Sin Dog Show. You may snicker now and make with the bad jokes.

The man asking a woman’s dog out after a few drinks is definitely a dweeb as is the dog owners who replied that his dog was too sensitive to poop where other dogs poop when he was told his dog could not do his business where people walked and sometimes slept.

A Dweeb

Also in the City of Sin it is an established fact that having an argument with an invisible person is not a good way to introduce yourself to a casino crowd on a busy Saturday night. Asking same invisible friend advice on what to say is not a great way of picking up women.

Urban canvas - Royal Hopper

Urban canvas – Royal Hopper

Lastly there is no doubt that everybody loves their dogs but how much snap does it take to understand that setting them at a slot machine and demanding a drink for both of you ..is not a cool thing ?????

Ahhh well. That is lifer in the City of Sin

Take Care Sinners
I love you all




cityscape _ Royal Hopper

cityscape _ Royal Hopper


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