Open 24/7 ...The motto of Sin City Photo by Royal Hopper

Open 24/7 …The motto of Sin City Photo by Royal Hopper

Begging from Strangers and Designated Drinkers in Sin City

By Royal Hopper

A threesome of Sinners stumbles into the door of a Sin City casino one arm of the partially limp body of their female companion on each of their brawny shoulders _ smiles on their faces as they walk. (cue ominous music soundtrack and dark post film noir lighting)

Photo by Royal Hopper

Photo by Royal Hopper

The companion tries to break free and stumble toward a nearby bar _ a crooked smile on her face as she tries to pull away ( cue crowd noises and exclamations of surprise) but the companions pull her back from the smiling bar patrons and make their way toward a quiet dark section of City Sin sidewalk with a determined look on their faces. They are getting this woman to a quiet unseen part of the City of Sin and no one is going to stop them.

A final stumble toward the inviting bar and the Sin City threesome ducks inside a Sin City gambling house and makes their way toward the elevator lobby weaving through the Saturday night crowd of decadent hedonists without much notice. (cue police sirens and distant female scream)

The three people in the above anecdote are participants in a new trend sweeping the country. A new trend that involves the sour tasting triple locomotive demons of Rum Whiskey and Gin _ and _doesn’t involve driving. It involves walking in groups with designated drinkers and walkers .( Music soundtrack Duh Duh Duh)

Mandalay Bay Photo by Royal Hopper

Mandalay Bay Photo by Royal Hopper

In the sandy alcohol soaked regions of the west coast resort destination sometimes know as the City of Sin Drinking there is a development that is most disturbing to those dedicated partiers of the infamous Sin City. People seem to be grasping the fact that three drunks are not better than one. People are breaking off into groups and allowing one or two members of their group to get stinking drunk while the other remain sober enough to “assist” them back into the hotel of their choice.

Driving is now obsolete. ( Da Duh Duh )
Normally tradition dictates on member of a party group is designated as a driver who refrains from drinking so he can drive the drunks home. In the time honored tradition of tourist day walkers everywhere Sin City revelers have taken to a new tradition.

In this dangerous new trend driving is not necessary or encouraged. One set of healthy legs is all you need to participate.

They can be seen all over the City of Sin two walkers and designated drunk strolling through the city wisely leaving their cars in the parking garage to enjoy the night and their well earned vacation. (Cue the happy music and a threesome of tourists chasing pigeons down the boulevard)….

Good Morning Sin City _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Good Morning Sin City _ Photo by Royal Hopper

That is life in the City of Sin
Take Care Sinners .. .. Rock on

Sin Cityscape photo by Royal Hopper

Sin Cityscape photo by Royal Hopper

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