Sunrise in the City of Sin _ Rpyal Hopper

Sunrise in the City of Sin _ Rpyal Hopper

Stumbling into traffic or nobody gives a Bo Peep.

By Royal Hopper

One man stops at in the middle of a busy street in the City of Sin his pale skin reddened with rage as spews curses like tiny mid life crisis volcano. The city is busy. It barely notices.

- Royal Hopper

– Royal Hopper

The small bald man is angry and is not afraid to show it. His paunch practically vibrates as hee stands in the middle of the street shouting his anger at several men who are standing on the edge of the parking lot as the tufts of hair hanging on the side of his bald head break free of their gel encasement and fly free in the cool desert air as the screaming bald man waves his hand in the air making gestures the meaning of which is probably lost in the cultural gap between the man and his antagonists.

Baldy lets call him gestures wildly cursing at the men as they calmly watch him from the safety of the nearby lot smirking as mid life crisis baldly unleashes a stream of curses at the much younger yuppie order enforcers.

You might say the sight of a bald drunken man standing in the middle of the road gesturing wildly at well dressed order enforcers as he curses like a ship full of drunken Yankee sailors would stop traffic and draw the attention of people all around the busy street. You could say that but you would be wrong. This is Las Vegas .nobody cares. It was Thursday.

Later that week an old Vegas urban legend comes to life. An anonymous lost soul, a man so drunk that when he stoops to worship the porcelain god which it turns out was actually a trash can looses his balance and head first falls into the aluminum trash can kicking his feet. That tale told on a Friday.

Sin City street scene _ Royal Hopper

Sin City street scene _ Royal Hopper

Yet another lost soul clad in a sheet and little else stumbles from a hotel doorway convinced someone is after him. The City briefly glances at him shocked out of its decadent hyperactive daze like a bored presented with a sight it cannot ignore or roll its eyes at.

Then like a bored child ignores the man as the corners of the sheet turn up occasionally exposing sections of naked flesh in desperate need of moisturizer and perhaps a little vitamin D.

It is a long week in the City of Sin . In the last segment of the seven day adventure in Sin a man strides drunkenly strode across the a Sin City Boulevard staggering in front of vehicles as they slow down for a red traffic light waving as he steps with a confidence that screams drunken rich tourist with a low IQ and more money that he knows how to spend.

by Royal Hopper

by Royal Hopper

And that also bears the questions. What kind of idiot gets kicked out of the Hoff Brau house _ seriously. How do you stumble of a doorway naked and get angry when people laugh at you . This dude got kicked out of the geekiest German restaurant in the known world on a Thursday. What do you call it. What do you call it when suicidal idiot actual walks out into traffic smiling as he waves at oncoming cars, some of which are surely stoned or drunk.

In the City of Sin we call it breakfast, seven days a week 24 hours a day _ all the time.

That is life in the City of Sin brothers and sisters

Take Care Sinners

by Royal Hopper

by Royal Hopper

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