Photo by _ Royal Hopper

Photo by _ Royal Hopper

Beer Pong and Rainy “Daze” in the City of Sin

Rain came to the City of Sin. On a normal day the rooftops of the City of Sin are dry as the bones of the Sinners that built it and are buried in it’s dusty ethanol and blood stained concrete.
The city was restless, angry and ..wet and it smelled bad like a wet dog that had been a three day bender for weeks. (Think about it)

- Photo by Royal Hopper

– Photo by Royal Hopper

The city is hungry, corrupt, decadent and dangerous but its not usually angry because it just doesn’t give a crap.

This week the triple weirdness of rain, Beer Pong, gadget geeks mixed with 80s freaks named Ian wearing make up and spiked black leather flooded the city like a film Noir nightmare named after a Humphrey Bogart movie (look it up).

Before I start on this weeks simple lesson let me add this simple homily. Don’t whip out your questionably sized assets and pee on the ground in public. It is not a good idea. Also if don’t berate employees at the Gambling houses you visit and make veiled threats. It doesn’t make you tough it makes you an asshole.
The crowd was tense late last week as the team of alternative athletes from New Jersey paused for effect in front of their goal ready to make the championship shot with everything on the line.

photo by Royal

photo by Royal

The noise of the crowd and their rowdy opponents leaving the Jersey shore champions unfazed as they concentrated on their goals. The small white ball they held in their hands was aimed unwaveringly at the waxed covered containers across the beer stained table in the front of them.
The contestant from New Jersey pauses for effect and then hurls the small white ball several feet and shouts in glee as the white sphere plunks softly in the liquid filled drink cup. New Jersey is $50,000 richer and a new Beer Pong National champion has been crowned.. Que the applause and cheers and cries of I was cheated.

A beer drinking ping pong ball throwing Civil War erupted in the City of Sin This week. I kid not there is a Beer Pong Championship and it pays $50,000 to the winner. Makes me wish I drank more as a young man.

The week of Beer Ponging was full of Sin City fun including controversies clever team and player nicknames like “Pity the Fool” “I Want to Get Wasted” and more conventional monikers like “ Tally and Alanis .

by Royal Hopper

by Royal Hopper

There were controversies, threats made by disappointed alternative athletes over judgment calls made by referees, threatening posts on Facebook and mea culpas spoken in front of adoring fans.

The action moved indoors as the night time temperatures briefly dipped into the 20s and then warmed up just as suddenly and broke out in rain. The working girls brought their work in doors and all those troublesome homeless guys and interesting characters who talk to invisible cartoon characters suddenly became less crazy and annoying in an effort to not be thrown out into the cold and stay indoors where it was warmer.

It was in short just another week in the life of Sin City alternative athletics and another week in the life of the City of Sin..

sunrise in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper

sunrise in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Take Care Sinners

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