Men with Big Hats invade The City of Sin

Question of the week?? What do you call people who take a mentally challenged man to a casino in Las Vegas and leave him alone for hours until hotel security calls the police to help him.. I cant say, but I was hoping for suggestions.

The City of Sin at Night _ Photo by Royal Hopper

The City of Sin at Night _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Men with Big Hats and bulges in their cheeks invaded the City of Sin.

by Royal Hopper 

Vegas was full of Goat ropers, bull riders and shit kickers this week. No it was not the 80s revival band you have heard of burning up the late night Vegas lounge circuit. No it wasn’t the guy spent in the pink hoodie who spent several days on the boulevard asking people for change for a $20 while holding a dirty candy wrapper in his hand.
The rodeo was in town. The Jack Daniels flowed like ice water at a Baptist Picnic, working girls with generous helpings of silicon attached to rented bodies were everywhere. People drank, gambled and stayed up all night . In other words it was exactly like any other week in Sin City except with 180,000 big hats and pairs of pointy toed boots.

Circus Circus ..hey the light was right so I took the shot _ Royal Hopper

Circus Circus ..hey the light was right so I took the shot _ Royal Hopper

“Good evening Maam” one said to me. Keep in mind I am 52-year old native Texan , with a receding hairline and a goatee and I wear a pair of laceless Doc Martin knock offs sometimes called Beetle boots to work. I could not pass for female with a team of costume experts and a free plane ticket to Denmark. Now that is to much Jack Daniels my friend _ way to much.

They also talked funny but fortunately as a native Texan I speak Goat Roper fluently and when a cocktail waitress asked me to translate

“Thank You Maam,” said the tall ten gallon hat wearing bull rider as he walked away. I think he was talking to the waitress. I think.

Now lets move on to fine dining nd collecting scrap metal in the City of Sin.
You have to admire a man who takes pride in his profession even if that profession is scavenger and his workplace is a seven mile stretch of trash cans filled with the remains of a night of Sin City style celebrations..

Blue Man group _ Royal Hopper

Blue Man group _ Royal Hopper

It was the week after Thanksgiving and Trash Can man was back at it patrolling the boulevard for aluminum leftovers and the occasional unfinished beer. He is unrepentant and uncaring of the stares he draws.

He picks out the prime aluminum prizes for resale from then trash receptacles he peruses occasionally taking a swing from a mostly intact beer and a bite from a mostly intact hamburger or burrito. He moved from can to can looking for all the world like a Rummage sale Santa Claus with two huge trash bags slung across his back as he men dressed like Elvis pass by him looking at their watches and keeping time to the disco blaring from the PA nearby.

A cowboy walking, perhaps from his weekly bout with 500 pounds of bovine hamburger takes the last sip from his beer and after three tries at taking one more sip finally realizes the beer is empty. He spies the can collecting man and extends his arm toward the can collecting man with the empty beer can in hand. Can collecting man takes the can weighing it in his expert can collecting hand then stuffs it in his bag of goodies.

Right on trash can man .stay proud and stay warm keep on carrying your bags of trash like they are choice entrees at a local café.

That is life in he City of Sin

Take Care fellow Sinners

Rock the World and work to be proud of who you are

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