Hot town summer in the City



Imagine you standing on a Las Vegas street corner smoothing your well worn skirt with both your manicured hands combing your thick black beard and stomping your boot clad feet. Imagine your standing in a parking lot singing your heart out in the middle of the afternoon under the glare of the desert sun..

What does that mean ?????

Interview with the sinners
By Royal Hopper

The following is a collective imaginary interview with three Sin City Character archetypes a Bum, street musician and a tourist and an casino exec. Based on real things people say and do and a lifetime of talking to strangers and giving them directions to the bathroom.

Question: What is the most important part of the Las Vegas experience????

Street Musician: That’s an old Robert Johnson tune right something like this..proceeds to play.How about something for the effort

Casino Exec: I am glad you asked. It’s going to be a 5,000 room resort you cant afford to stay in with a live Volcano, live 24 hour burlesque, zombies and five, Five Star Steakhouses named after French things and three over the hill has been superstars we have blackmailed with pictures of their last orgy to snort cocaine and badly mangle top 40 hits from 40 years ago..Thank You and have a great day .

Tourist: Wow, oooooooooohhhhh, wow, oooooooooooohhhhhhh. Where is the bathroom????

Bum: Can you spare a $5 buddy


How much is to much ???

Street Musician: “I know that one,” “starts singing” How much is to much on three one two three .(start playing)

Casino exec.No such thing.wait ..what was the question ?????

Tourist .. “Eighty-five”

Bum.Hey .“ Buddy can you spare a five.




It’s just another day in the City of Sin..

How many tourists does it take to screw a light bulb ????

Street Musician>>. “Hey I know that one too.all right boys blues beat on two,”

Casino executive. “Just call housekeeping and they will do it for you..”

Bum..hey Boddy can you spare a five

What does it mean when people dress weirdly and sign their hearts out in the glaring desert sun.

Who knows why people do the things they do??? They need to be heard.they need to be helped .they enjoy the attention or they really never got over the demise of disco and bell bottoms and 2 for 1 drink specials ..

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