Corn Pone, Dollar Black Jack and flights of fancy or




The City of Sin and the Deep Sultry South

By Royal Hopper  

After a week spent in the warm, sultry confines of deep, deep south.
I am back in the my city the City of Sin. This week’s column on the central question in the minds of pundits, philosophers, Sinners and southerners alike.. With a central question in mind. Can two people named Billie Jean living in towns separated thousands of miles and a Gulf of culture and time be compared ?? Do they both speak English .Do they have the same taste in clothes??? What color shoes do they wear. Are small towns in Mississippi and Las Vegas the famous City of Sin really that much alike ???? Hmmmm. Stay Tuned for the answers to those questions and more bits of Sin City versus down south wisdom.


Sunset on the Boulevard _ by Royal

When I flew into Texas this week to meet my sister I wore nothing but 15-year-old suit, a pair of black ankle boots and a two day old pair of underwear.
Needless to say I had to stop at Wal_Mart on our way to Mississippi to get some clean clothes.

So lets talk about the clothes people wear in these two far flung places..(Okay transitions are tough to write after five cups of coffee)

In Las Vegas this week hordes of gender bending cross dressers gathered in in the City of Sin to strut there stuff compare dress sizes and ways to deal with razor stubble. They gathered in hotels and on streets lined with fine dining, high end shopping and a culture built on tolerance of self expression and diversity. They wore bikinis and one gender bending giant verbally labeled Billie Jean by her companion strutted through a local establishment his or her store assets giggling proudly as he/she walked. Everyone wore shorts..One woman decided sidewalks were a good place to catch a few zs in her underwear and one man stood on the side of a Sin City suburban street wearing a red dress and smoking a cigar and stroking his bushy beard waving at passersby_ and no one noticed.


Hey babe i’m an Avenger _ Photo by Royal

In the Mississippi burg I spent a few days the prior week in I saw many people at the Applebees happily wearing the same suit they wore in 1987..remember 1987… I do it was a good year for suits _ really..
And if Applebees wasn’t your style the Cracker Barrel was only a short drive down the Interstate. _ and you know that the chicken fried chicken was really good. Just be in by 9 p.m. because that is when the sidewalk gets rolled up and put away for the night. A man wearing leisure suit and a solar powered watch and a pony tail stood on a Mi’sippi street corner with a bucket of chicken and nobody noticed or tried to give him a dollar to wash their windshield.

Mississippi Billie Jean as her name tag named her wore a halter top uniform in a restaurant where everything from the fish to the ice cream was deep fat fried.


Photo by Royal

In Vegas this week the cross dressers lounged by the pool at hotel with 4,000 rooms and walked down streets full of cartoon characters and people who will wash your car for a dollar.
In Mississippi well you get the idea.

Now to answer question two..
The Billie Jean in Vegas is 6 foot 5 inches tall and is built like a linebacker. The one in Mi’sippi (and yes that is how they say it) is just the girl who works in the Fry shop in the 1950s Ellie May frock.

Question 1…How alike are Mississippi and Las Vegas ????
Well Mississippi has casinos .
And Las Vegas has casinos.
It gets really hot in Mississippi and it gets really hot in Las Vegas
There are many things alike between Las Vegas and that tiny town in Mississippi. ..What is the answer to this weeks question?? Are Las Vegas and Mississippi are exactly alike. No of course there not dumb ass T his is Las Vegas

Such is Life in the City of Sin and the deep, deep, deep south..
Rock on Fellow Sinners

Stay Cool


Just cause its cool


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