??????? You know I dont have a clue _ Photo by Royal

Two men stand side by side staring off into crowd of tourists thronging down a Sin City Boulevard. A song starts to play on a nearby PA.. The two men exchange knowing looks and cross their arms in preparation to do something..

What do the men do ??/Continue reading for the answer ..

The unity of line dancing or how to talk to a bikini clad nun

by Royal Hopper 

Next to Goofy and Cinderella and the Power Rangers stood a bikini clad nun
one of many street performers make a buck or two by posing for posing for pictures dressed in costumes of various sorts.

One of them lets call her Raven likes to wear black. Raven now in her mid 50s wears a bikini and a habit _ a two piece bathing suit complete with the black and white head coverings usually worn by women living in convents..


Shopping for cameras can be exhausting Photo By Royal

She is in her own words a woman of many talents.. One of many picture posers on the Boulevard Raven took a few minutes last week to tell her story and give her natural Native American tan a break from the desert sun and maybe bum a few cigarettes.

As Raven chews the fat with those seeking shelter from the desert sun outside the casino more men have started to gather around our mystery strangers looking at our two original street urchins with suspicion as the group of men continue to gather looking at each other with suspicion as they do so.

Raven explains to listeners that she didn’t know she had to register with local authorities as an ex felon in order to work anywhere in Nevada. “When I was younger got into trouble a lot,” said Raven acknowledging she had four felonies on her record.

She attests she got arrested again when another street “performer” cursed at a child which is a big no no to her.
“Don’t curse at a child and don’t do it in front of me ..

“Then this bitch shook her **** in my face,” Raven said explaining how the fight that got her sent to jail started .


another LV Cityscape


They took me to jail,” she said.

Out on the boulevard the groups of mystery men of various descriptions have at last begun to look at each in preparation of some premeditated action. Suddenly the music on the PA blaring from the nearby casino changes. Gone is the saccharin programmed rhythms of the 70s dance music. Now the plaintive cries of 80s rebels rockers blare from the casino and finally the men take action.

One begins to shake his arms and then his posterior the other moves his feet in rhythm with the music and all the men begin to shake their booties for passersby. They were dancing. It impromptu flash mob was strutting their stuff for tourists and locals alike. Two men one with a drink in his hand and one with raggedy clothes and obviously time on his hands continue to dance as the rest of the flash mob begins to dissipate.

That is life in the City of Sin

Take Care Sinners

Rock on


Those damn tourists take all the good spots _ Photo by Royal

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