Safety First shopping carts stay left –

Safety First in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

AK Club member crosses the street in southern Las Vegas







This week was my birthday…woohoo.. It’s not everyday a man turns 29…stop laughing ..damnit I mean it stop laughing ……Okay it is the 23rd anniversary of my 29th birthday.

On the streets of Las Vegas pedestrians always put safety first. They always look both ways before crossing the street, never cross against the light and always make sure their motorcycle helmets are secure on their heads before pushing their shopping carts across a busy Tropicana Avenue intersection.

Safety Just ask the man who wore that motorcycle helmet to push his overloaded shopping cart full of assorted clothing,  assorted Valentines favors and bright red decorative wrapping he has obtained from somewhere across the less than friendly confines of Tropicana Avenue late last week.

Speaking of last week…
The City of Sin was full to its cheesy overpriced brim for Valentines Day as people from all over creation tried to impress their significant others with decadent dinners, last minute bouquets of roses and bundles of cubic zirconium glory.
Visitors to Las Vegas will spend more on a plate of eggs and a dozens last minute roses than they spend for a dozen anniversary dinners in saner less costly places

The weather is finally warming up and that means jogger season in the City of Sin …That means the joggers, costumed picture posers and the hustlers are out in force.  Everything is an angle here a way to get you to spend your money…..or give it to somebody or turn your back long enough for them to take it…..

These days you just can’t get away from the hustlers. I took a few days off this week and retreated to the suburbs hoping to catch a break from the constant barrage of cheesy, corny con artists and drama queens hustling for rent money or beer money or Victoria’s Secret  money.

Sin City denizens prepares to cross the street late last week

For five days I didn’t have to practice my I am a local leave me alone stare or pretend to have just gotten back from serial killer night school to avoid being hit on by pan handlers. All was going well until one day my Facebook addiction finally caught up with me.

Someone friended me on Facebook and I had a very pleasant conversation with a perfect stranger right up until they informed me that the antique art frame they import and sell for rent money was being held up by customs agents (actually they said immigration but hey whats a small mistake in honesty) and if we sent her $1,500 she could get her frames out of customs…and not have to sell her body to pay the rent.. And of course her parents in another country were both killed in a traffic accident.

Sigh!!! It’s getting so you cant talk to perfect strangers from foreign lands without getting hustled ….

Such is life in the City of Sin suburbs
Rock on Sinners


A street musician hustles tips on a LBVD overpass – Photo Royal

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