A little Brown nosing on my part…I wrote this for my beloved

Happy Valentines Day

I trust the look in your eyes that winter day so long ago….

I trust the beauty of your smile as we kissed for the first time

I trust the tears of joy when I proposed and you said yes

And I trust all years I have spent loving you completely and

with all and my being

I don’t believe in much anymore, not birds and bees or sunsets and
hotdogs with mustard at a ballgame or popcorn at a movie or
bubblegum cards or long walks in the wilderness.

All these things are faded to gray to me to now….I don’t believe in them

But I believe in you and me. I believe in our love. And Maybe with you at my side …
I can again believe in the sunsets, the birds, bees and bubblegum cards, hotdogs with mustard and long walks in the wilderness.
Be my Valentine
My Heart
Soul Love
Or Maybe we can just chill and watch a movie…..

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