This aint Iceland Dude watch your stuff

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This aint Iceland Dude watch your stuff

By Royal Hopper

The phone rings in the chill dark desert night. The man on the phone seems desperate and insists the innocent Icelandic tourists tender their credit card number to him to correct the results of a computer crash. The tourists two young women from a far less cynical, more honorable part of the world give the credit card numbers to the stranger on the phone.

In another part of town a man tosses a small toy on the ground and asks a woman if the toy is hers. Seconds later he snags her pay ticket from the machine, cashes it out and is gone before anyone can see him leave. The toy is worth a few pennies the ticket much more.
Las Vegas is a place built on the myths…The distract team is a Vegas myth very much based on reality.
In the old days it was buckets of coins these teams or couples of thieves  stole. While a partner threw a handful of coins on the ground another would politely ask the slot player are those your quarters. When the player bent down to pick up the quarters another distract team member would grab the bucket and be gone before anyone knew it was missing.
When I worked at casinos on the 90s it was a daily occurrence and people fell for it tiem and time again.
People in Iceland don’t call you in the middle of the night pretending to be with the hotel you are staying with and try to get your credit card numbers.
“Nobody does things like this in Iceland,”  said  the attractive young Icelandic woman who we will call Hellen in line with the what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas myth. (Myth making is a Vegas specialty and don’t you believe it. It is not true)

From the FBI Web Site
Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft:

* Never throw away ATM receipts, credit statements, credit cards, or bank statements in a usable form.
* Never give your credit card number over the telephone unless you make the call.
* Reconcile your bank account monthly, and notify your bank of discrepancies immediately.
* Keep a list of telephone numbers to call to report the loss or theft of your wallet, credit cards, etc.
* Report unauthorized financial transactions to your bank, credit card company, and the police as soon as you detect them.
* Review a copy of your credit report at least once each year. Notify the credit bureau in writing of any questionable entries and follow through until they are explained or removed.
* If your identity has been assumed, ask the credit bureau to print a statement to that effect in your credit report.
* If you know of anyone who receives mail from credit card companies or banks in the names of others, report it to local or federal law enforcement authorities.
To report ID theft :


Its over there thank you very much _ Royal Hopper

And so on 

Phone Credit Card  Phishers made the rounds of at least one Sin City hotels by phone asking hotel guest for their credit card information apparently applying the same technology used by some of the more unsavory telemarketers. ID theft is a volume business.
Several Sin City tourist including a pair of intelligent young women discovered this week that same Icelandic niceness doesn’t apply to the rest of the world and it doesn’t hold true in the City of Sin.
No matter how many times us Sinners tell the tourists to keep an eye on their stuff someone always leaves it in or on the slot machine and is shocked, shocked I tell when it is gone when they get back.
“That doesn’t happen where I am from,” often went the compliant of people who left money and purses unattended while they went to the bathroom. “You aint in Kansas anymore Dorothy. This is the City of Sin,” watch your stuff.”

Damn it is cold _) Photo by Royal

Royals rules for a good Vegas vacation

* Do not ever give out your credit card information to people you don’t know on the phone. Go to the check in desk and ask for help.

*  Don’t date girls named Greta Snow Sugar.

*  Do not leave you stuff unattended for any reason. Don’t go to the bathroom, don’t go and get a smoke, don’t walk three aisles to ask what time it is. Your stuff will be gone and it is your fault.

Don’t be a sucker. In the City of Sin

So Long fellow Sinners

Take care

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