It’s Vegas Baby

“I know you want to say it,” said a cowboy clad conventioneer as he walked through a Vegas destination. The card he handed me said D.K.D.C. Stand by for the end of the blog to find out what that means and why you you will want to do it to.

It’s Vegas Baby. You were out of your league two days ago

By Royal Hopper 

Shadows on the Boulevard – Photo by Royal

Man I’m tired and out of focus – by Royal

Driving down the Boulevard – by Royaby Royal Hopper

If you want a look at life far away from the cynical confines of modern culture, somewhere you can delve into the brotherhood of humanity without consequence, somewhere you can walk peacefully down the street without concern…If you want all that .you are…….
SOL here  buddie.

This is the City of Sin man. It’s Vegas Baby Shangrila aint here and neither are the pants of the person attending a “secret” wild naked party . Apparently the pants were left in the hallway outside the wild naked party and when the person came back to claim his pants after the wild naked party…the pants were gone. Somebody obviously needed a quick change of clothes.

This is the City of broken dreams. As I have often said.  This City will hold your hand like a loving mother one minute and will eat you alive the next    if you let it …..
Just ask the lady who was certain someone had tip toed into her room while she was away playing blackjack and replaced one of the 100s in her purse with a counterfeit bill. Or the Elvis imitator who was being followed by adoring fans on his way the bus stop.
As I and many other resident Sinners often say the demons that haunt you in the City of Sin are the ones you bring with you.
Rumor has it that there is the spirit of a woman walking the hallways of Vegas casinos. In life, the legend goes.  she was known for having arguments with herself so loud people charged with keeping order in those places would run to the room only to find no one but that person and a large room mirror she was staring at with wide eyed intensity screaming her rage at the demon she beheld as loud at as loud a volume as her troubled lungs could manage.
At one of the many thousands of gaming tables in the City a novice gambler smiles and proclaims he has a system for winning like the people on TV. The Pit Boss in charge of that table smiles even more broadly and waves a cocktail waitress over so the “expert gambler” can wet his whistle.

This place can be a week of solid fun, somewhere to spend your money with abandoned but if you have ghosts haunting you ,,,it can be a harsh place to meet them
The man who waltzed through a casino with a beautiful woman on his arm and stopped to take an important phone call…”My wife that …..” he said trailing off as he realized people were listening and turning pale as he realized the call was made from a local number.

If you want some place to spend all your money play dress up or sell tap water to tourists or drag your kids and spouses places you know they don’t want to go this is the place. If you want somewhere you can always get a drink and the streets are like theme parks hey buddy take a seat.
If you want to find wisdom and a life changing experience try college or the Army or Social Work or start a charity. This is Vegas Baby and you were out of your league the moment you stepped off the plane.

That card..the one that signifies the difference between what people say and what they think the letters D.K.D.C on the card can be explained by the caption  beneath it.

Don’t Know Don’t Care says the caption ….there I said it…wooohooo

Such is life in the City of Sin

Take Care Sinners


Late afternoon on the Boulevard _ Phpto by Royal

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