Knowing who you are and bouncing down the stairs on your bum

By Royal Hopper

Neon through the palm trees.. Keep your snow Chicago. I will take palm tress and sunshine any day _ Photo Royal

Knowing who you are and loving that person is a big part of being at peace with yourself.
Apparently wearing white furry ladies boots, three layers of torn winter pants, boasting a snow white pony tail and being drunk as a skunk has something to do with it.

A lot of us struggle with definitions of self all our lives. We wear masks and social camouflage all our lives. We scream be noticed, scream to not be left alone.. and then scream to be left alone.  Here in the City of Sin some of our more desperate denizens scream at themselves to notice themselves and at themselves to be left alone.
What do you make of a man that carries signs boasting the words “go away” and another that said “Leave me alone”  and F*** Off . Is that a clever way of shooing  people away or just another clever way of attracting them. You decide.
Anyway, it was reported to me that this white boot wearing guy was seen someplace in an upstairs casino showroom  where his drunken antics were not welcome. Pushing 70 this white haired gentleman stood up when approached then sat down on the stairs of his perch and slid down the banister like an bored 12-year-old at his grandmother’s bingo game.
Down on his luck or just drunk and fashion impaired like all of us working class stiffs …your guess is as good as mine.

A man in a wheel chair with his back to the camera was actually playing on his wireless laptop in the median _ Photo by Royal

Sunset in the City of Sin_ Photo by Royal

It was like walking into a lounge in a Las Vegas casino where dozens of people had been reported sleeping. Every one of the dozen people in the lounge were staring at Iphones laptops, Kindles or some kind of electronic device.
Only one woman was actually sleeping everyone else all the other loungers were people who trekked to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show and were staring at their consumer electronics in a Vegas casino. Waiting for the show to start.
“Yeah I am a geek sue me,” they seem to say.

In closing I would like to close by reporting that caffeine addiction is alive and well in the City of Sin. A very reliable source informed me of a terrible accident scene she happened upon while driving around the City of Sin on various errands.

The vehicles were crumbled up in a twisted pile of mangled metal and glass. (Working on my adjectives this week ) On top of of the crumpled mass of metal and glass was a lone coffee cup sitting where it owner had left it.

Who left the cup on top of the accident scene is a mystery but one can imagine just having been in an accident and moving heaven and earth to get your favorite coffee cup out of wreckage and drinking that one last cup before being hauled off to the hospital.
“Man if I am going to intensive care I need my caffeine.”

Is that wrong man ????

Such is life in the City of Sin

Rock on fellow Sinners

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