Holidays in the City or the Devil and two for one drink specials


Holidays in the City or the Devil and two for one drink specials

By Royal Hopper

Three devils walk down the street in Las Vegas hand in hand….one has pink hair, one has red ears and one has horns…Who are they and what does it mean…? Is this the beginning of a bad Vegas joke or a Goth remake of Bewitched ????
Answers at the end of the story and remember things are not always what they seem in the City of Sin.

Celebrating the holidays in the City of Sin can be a lot like hugging your sister at a wedding, military service or going shopping with your wife.  All three can be full of danger and all three are just something a man has to do now and then.    

In case you missed it was Halloween last  week in Vegas.
SAs usual there were  princesses and power rangers, goblins and fairies parading past houses on a Sin City street looking for handouts and threatening tricks if they didn’t get their preferred treats and as always there were lots of treats in the City of Sin the past ten days.
Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of tricks in Sin City holiday season.

 Like the one gentleman who reportedly stood on a Sin City street corner reportedly complained loudly about all the people with their cheap tourists cameras stopping to take pictures on his street corner on his small corner of Sin City panhandling territory.
Reportedly right about that time a tourist who was stopping by Raggedy Man’s panhandling territory to take pictures on that corner offered to lend  the raggedy man his practiced eye and his $4,000 camera to take photos…”What is your email address I will send it to you..”  …

Or the one gentleman who turned to a group of friends apparently shouting angrily knowing the music being played would cover up his supposedly angry rant while his friends looked on in bewilderment. When there was a pause in the music the joke was apparent. Being several times larger than his friends he was just singing along with the beat playing a Halloween prank on his buddies.

There was a time children were simply not allowed in Las Vegas casinos. These days it is not unusual for parents to be seen sitting at a slot machines shoveling quarters into one of the city’s famous one armed bandits with one infant child laying in their laps next to half finished Mai Thai and a toddler staring wide eyed at a slot machine with a picture of a scantily dressed fairy princess in a Calvin Klein bikini next to them.

The holidays are one of the few times you get to see kids being kids
It was Halloween in my neighborhood and it was awesome. The holidays have come to Sin City. The holidays are the closest thing to innocence this city will ever see. Pass the eggnog and has anybody seen that 2 for 1 parley card I left it here somewhere…..


As to the three witches walking down the street. They were coming from a costumed party genius.

 and No there is no punch line you cynical jaded reprobate it wasn’t two for one night at The Elvi ..The costumed candy panhandlers were children on Halloween night and the three witches were just getting into the Holiday spirit. Sheesh what is wrong with you people.

Thats life in the City of Sin
Carry on Sinners

Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Hanukah, and Freaking Harvest  Day. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years that most Vegas of Vegas Holidays….

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