Laying Down on the Job in the City of Sin


Construction crews take advantage of balmy 90 degree temperatures last week to work on one of Sin City’s Classic casino/resorts _ Photo by Royal


This residentially challenged gentleman asks for help from Sin City passerby _ Photo Royal

by Royal Hopper

The  man who spent part of Sunday sitting down on a Sin City sidewalk his head propped on his knees his eyes closed didn’t look homeless just tired and to drunk to move.
Just down the street another man lay down on a planter his smart phone still in his manicured hand as he cut a healthy load of zzzsss and ignored the fact he was laying on a planter just 12 yards or so from Las Vegas Boulevard .

He was grumpy when he was awakened.
Not everybody in this city you see laying down in odd places these days is homeless. In a disturbing new trend many of these sidewalk sleepers are just tired or drunk and to far away from their hotel rooms to go there or to broke to get one. Okay maybe its not disturbing but it is funny.

In yet another section of Sin City a young woman apparently decided renting a room in Sin City was to expensive and time consuming. Tables are just as good a place to sleep on and under signs is good and a table under a sign is even better and sleeping on a table under a sign with a small canine is the best baby…the best.
The continuing saga of this City is simple. Many who come here have so many issues to vent and so many ways to vent them that many keep on going and going until they run out of juice or have one to many glasses of Vodka.

The Pool playing bar flies that invaded the City of Sin this week 5,000 strong are dedicated to the game of billiards. To be fair most of the people who come here are just normal people who save for months to blow off some steam in the City if Sin.
In the process they lose themselves in the ambience of the world’s biggest theme bars and sometimes don’t know when to stop.
Caught up in the Sin City ambience they play and play and play until they cant do anything else including remember to take off their pajamas and pull up their pants like. One enterprising billiards fan was seen stumbling down a Las Vegas side street his pool cue slung over his back in its leather case, his jaunty pair of plaid briefs pulled up to his waist on the outside what looked like pajamas or a JOGGING OUTFIT.
Some of these epic party animals drink and drink and drink until they can’t do anything else including sit up or stand or remember their names. Reportedly in one section of the city one hard drinking pool player was so bitten by Demon Jack (Daniels) he didn’t move

an inch when kicked repeatedly by enterprising bystander and told to get his ass up.  Another reportedly just groaned a little when asked his name and rolled over.

Some of them just walk around taking pictures and walk around taking pictures until the cant do anything else. One well dressed tourists continued to take pictures after his legs gave out on him and he sat down on the sidewalk. He continued taking picture until he could no longer sit up and lay down on the ground pointing his $4,000 Nikon at the city scenery; As his head lay on the sidewalk he continued to for shot after shot at the ordinary objects near his head. I can see that wall of prize winning photos of the pavement and drain pipes and pigeons lining his wall.

One man seen sitting on the ground near a bus stop bench ( on the ground near the bench mind you not on it) looked surprised when a charitable passerby handed him a dollar bill and even more confused when another handed him the bulk of his fast food breakfast. Apparently he wasn’t homeless just tired. He put the sandwich in his mouth and the dollar bill in his pocket and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Rock on Fellow Sinners

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