The City of Sin Sings for its Supper


Sponge Bob Square Pants wows a Sidewalk Audience on The Strip in Las Vegas late last week _ Photo RMH III


By Royal Hopper

The shirtless outcast street musician that worked the boulevard this week loved hats and hated shirts.

The rare mugginess (and yes that is a word)  that filled the desert air of the city this week and plethora of well fed pigeons hanging out hear his sandal clad feet picking at white spots on his silk designer tie like they were perfectly round kind of  white cord flakes the didn’t faze this aspiring Elvis. He kept on singing and kept on thanking the audience that wasn’t there for their kindness.
He braved the blazing sun and rare desert rain pouring his heart out in song strumming his acoustic guitar like a madman.
He smiled porn star tipping his hat at and adjusting his tie as he played the shirtless and sockless sonata.
This fearless asphalt minstrel  played like a champ somehow missing the fact  that he was surrounded by people trying to step around him and the piece of sidewalk he was occupying. They were not adoring fans or overawed music critics like the homeless critic sitting across the street from the street wise minstrel.


Taking out the trash on Las Vegas Boulevard. A worker or scavenger ???? takes out the trash late last week _ Photo by Royal Hopper

“Disco Sucks,” shouted the musician’s lone critic to his Chuck Taylor running shoes from his seat on the sidewalk across the street. Keep in iind he was shouting at his shoes.
No one was really listening to his rant. So this impromptu music critic sprang to life started playing air guitar and singing to a group of pigeons eating food scraps a few yards away.

People apparently just like to sing in this city.
…Some people do crazy singing  stuff for no reason. Just because….
Some people just drop off a resume when they want to apply for a job. Others stand in front of the small crowd gathered at the nearest job center and break into song and dance..some people do that ..I’m just saying.
Some people stroll down the boulevard in their Madonna meets….Wednesday Adams ..Disney Goth get up deliberately striking their black leather clogs on the simmering pavement silently Pantomiming a tune that inspired her perhaps one of the Material Girl’s 80s hits that occasionally still play on PA systems  throughout the city.
Anyway as the light changed and I was forced to drive on a couple of women themselves dressed like chorus dancers did finally elbow past the throng of invisible fans and star doe eyed at the shirtless streetie inching closer to him to listen to his muse shout its joy to the jaded Sin City sidewalk audience.


What are these guys up to _ hmmmm RMH III

Oh well perhaps their children will be talented.
Another generation of big dreamers of shirtless outcast rebels ..of born suckers…I mean tourists

….another generation of Vegas drama queens and another generations Elvi, girls named Bambi from LA and boys named Bill from Nebraska ….another endless summer in the City of Sin that does despite the legends …you know ..well end….

It was hot and muggy in the City of Sin this week. For a few days it was more like Atlanta or Houston than a city in the desert.

The heat seems to infect people’s brains with strange ideas right about this time of year. It could be the heat or the cheap alcohol …Whatever …..

Take Care Sinners
And Rock ON

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