Superstar Wheelchair pushers and pursuing your demons in the City of Sin


Mario and Luigi pose for the People on Las Vegas Boulevard Sunday _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Pursuing your Demons in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

water for sale

One of the water salesman on the pedestrian crosswalks over LV Boulevard hawks his wares late last week….

I saw a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair while hauling a shopping cart full to the brim and above with heavy looking stuff.
That’s either true love or the dude is planning on trying out for the special forces and figures pushing 400 pounds of a shopping cart, wheelchair and woman is a good way to start.
If the Delta Force is looking for a dedicated wheelchair pusher for their physically challenged operatives I highly recommend this guy because he was jamming to beat the band even in the hot spring afternoon desert sun. That’s right I said spring afternoon sun.Summer is still weeks away and temps are already in the 100s.

As a rule people here play hard, often harder then they work
I saw a man walking around a park in a black trench coat. Either this man is up to something or really believes fashion trumps comfort and physical safety on 97 degree days in the desert.

This guy was hauling this load down the street without a complaint. He was either just out of Ranger School or the most whipped dude in Clark County Nevada. The woman in the wheelchair for her part was holding a sign and wowing the crowd of a few brave souls that weren’t to busy driving to notice.


One of Las Vegas finest pauses during his patrol to radio his Sin City comrades this week in Sin City _ Photo by Royal Hopper

The Crazy people that live and frolic in the City of Sin are tough, well dressed and often named after their parents childhood heroes. Can you say Elvis Jones, Wayne Newton Smith, Liberace Gomez., John Wayne Johnson, or ABBA Johanson ..I knew you could .

I am assuming that is what the man I saw dressed like Roy Rogers was thinking as he dragged his similarly dressed child down the boulevard this week. Hmm Roy Rogers…Rogers….it could happen and likely has.

Whatever demons you possess or that posses you or otherwise …you will find them somewhere in this city. If alcohol is your demon this city could float an island on the cheap liquor it sells and/or gives away.
If well used flesh is your thing there are purveyors everywhere. Most people who come here leave with a headache, fewer dollars in their pocket and a story to tell. They are all here if you know where to look.
Sometimes the demons get the better of them and they fall down, are found asleep in odd places dressed in other people’s underwear sometimes on the heads or other body parts or are found in a fetal position on the surrounded by strangers. That happened this week and will likely happen again.


Discount Tours….hmmmm _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Sometimes the demons do them in and they don’t come back from that story filled week end in Vegas. That happened this week in Vegas too and will likely happen again. Silliness, tragedy, drinking and sun.

That’s life in the City of Sin.
Rock On Sinners


Did you ever find yourself conversing with an older person in a casino and when you both walked away after exchanging stories and pleasantries you found your self thinking …what a nice old man he was…?

I did this week. I had a very nice conversation with an “old man” and was smiling at the Sin City stories we had exchanged about our Sin City experiences until the part of my brain that stills does math …did the math and figured out that I remembered almost every story he told and “the nice old decrepit guy” I was exchanging stories with was only ten years older than me. Sigh …..

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