On the Boulevard you can buy water and lots of other stuff _ Photo by Royal

Who has a $40,000 and wants give a couple of thousand to strangers?

Anybody…anybody ???? I swear you will get your money back.

By Royal Hopper

It was the week of hats in the City of Sin.  The weather got hot ..Not

hot by Nevada standards but hot …In three weeks you will be able to fry an egg on the sidewalk at 10 a.m. This is the time of year shirts come off, people sell water on the sidewalks and  The Strip fills up with pretty people wearing ugly hats and as always everyone has an angle.

You see people in Vegas have Moxie. They have nerve. They have ugly hats okay boob jobs and  many have several different diseases and or mental conditions and excellent singing voices when they serenade their invisible friends.
Some of them, the crazy and dishonest ones, will look you in the eye and tell you the craziest things.
“Listen I have a sure fire betting system based on the mating cycle of the Antarctic Penguin and I have a cashier’s check of $60,000 for you to use to test it. All I need from you is $500 processing fee…and your social security number and your birthday and the name of your first pet fish.”
I have spoken before on the inexplicable confidence people display when coming to a city built on working the angles. When your in a city built on glitz and BS you should know really know better than to believe what anybody named Bambi or Bud tells you.
If you ever hear the words..
“Really Buster…I really like fat, old, smelly guys from Bismark….really…here drink this champagne …” Don’t you believe it and don’t drink the Rufi spiked sparkling grape juice the girl named E. Norma Butz hands you and don’t leave your wallet on the table when you do….

Walking signs talk to tourists in the bedroom _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Listen for the record if someone offers you money for just cashing their $50,000 check they are scamming you….No ifs ands or buts, and no butts, either. People don’t give you money just to cash a check and no they do not give you thousands of dollars to make a football bet for them. Your not that cool get over it.
Don’t give them a room, don’t give them your debit card and don’t give them you underwear…seriously.

This week looking down the back streets near the boulevard you could a car bumper laying in the road where it had been cast off..its former owner to drunk or to busy to care. You see pretty people stumbling across a busy Vegas street at night blissfully unaware how close to being crushed like a well dressed road kill.
People in this city will run your ass over even when they are sober and can see you…oh look “Bob you hit a tourist ….no really …Bob….”

That’s life is the City of Sin

Rock On Sinners

A local resident hides from the wind …Photo by Royal Hopper


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