It’s spring in the City of Sin.

These two Sin City denizens were waiting for their bus early this week and did not sleep on the sidewalk or sing for passersby like other Sin City denizens this week.

Bus Stops singers and the invisible tunes of Spring

By Royal Hopper

Always bring a date to the City of Sin

As always in the Spring City streets are full of families, hustlers, colorful characters, and homeless guys who hold up signs saying “My family was kidnapped by Ninjas and I Need Money for Karate Lessons to Save Them. Many Sin City denizens simple dance and/or sing to the weird invisible tunes of Spring that make this city

such a colorful place to be this time of year.
I spied one such gentleman laying on a Sin City sidewalk near a Sin City bus stop. In Sin City many of the bus stops have a metal barrier between them and the sidewalks of the casinos they border. The wall is perforated and transparent I imagine so people on either side can see each other and in time honored Sin City fashion glare at each other and occasionally flip the bird at random strangers but not throw random object or at each other.
This man was lying on the ground flat on the concrete face down on the casino side of the bus stop. To be honest I thought the dude was dead for a minute. He was not.

A small crowd had gathered to watch him laying on the ground. Perhaps sensing he had an audience the dirty plaid clad bedraggled ragamuffin of a man struggled to his feet and confronted his audience.
Glaring his anger and frustration at the crowd that had gathered to watch his struggles the dirty, dusty and drunken dude darted around the perforated metal wall of the bus stop as fast as a dirty, drunk dude who sleep on the sidewalk can dart and glared at his gathering audience.

He clenched his fist perhaps in anger perhaps because of a muscle cramp and looked prepared to take action from the protection of his big city bus stop fort
Banging his fist violently on the see through metal bus stop wall  the bedraggled man made his displeasure known by and shouting something threatening in a foreign language no one present understood then took a deep breath …and began to sing.
“I kid you not ..he started to sing and he was pretty good.,,good enough for those observing him to applaud quietly and encourage him a little.

Dude I’m thirsty …Lots of people sell water on the Boulevard during the hot months in the City of Sin – Photo by Royal

Sin City has Talent
The whole scene was like a really strange version of Sin City Has talent. After the applause the bedraggled man moved on and so did the small crowd.

The city is of course full of tourists, working girls, salesmen, preachers and people who sleep on the sidewalks, because you know sleeping on the sidewalk good for your back or something.  (anybody who can guess what group made the Song Sleeping on the Sidewalk and the name of the album that B side song came from gets a brownie )


Later in the week I spied several other people lying on the sidewalk unnoticed by the people walking over and around them. I spied people with blow up dolls, people carrying kids in one arm and souvenir drinks in the other and a man who must have weighed 400

pounds diving in a Sin City swimming pool and posing for onlookers after his swim and the tidal wave of a wake he left behind.

The tourist season is here and the Dancing Days of Summer are just around the corner…

Rock on Sinners

and keep cool…

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