Sin City Shopping Season, NASCAR and the bold and the homeless

By Royal Hopper

For some reason this shot just appealed to me _ photo by Royal

NASCASR, volleyball players and helicopter pilots called the City of Sin home this week.

This City has got Swagger and confidence like no other..even when it doesn’t make sense on any level…
Good things and bad things happen in this city. A woman won a fortune playing slot machines at a Vegas casino. I was there and brother this chick needed a break trust me. It hailed and rained in the desert this week as thousand of NASCAR fans converged on the city for the big race in the desert shopping season hit the city with full overpriced retail force. Sometimes people leave with more than they arrived here with and people who have sometimes had less of it.

Sin City canine heart strings. This panhandler takes an original approach on a Sin City street Thursday _ Photo by Royal Hopper

You gotta admire a panhandler who knows how to pull on the heart strings of pet lovers as he stands in the middle of a busy intersection.
“Laid off” proclaimed a sign carried by one man as he strode down the middle of a Sin City street while traffic was stopped at a traffic light…”Help me feed my dogs…” the sign read. You know it might work. I think of a grown man going without I might feel an overwhelming urge to but him a hotdog. I see a dog starving I want to take it home. That is of my wife will allow it.

The grandma with the great legs has got to be right there up on the list of Sin City denizens that exist on self confidence and broken eye glasses and lots of Jack Daniels. When you see a pair of legs that look toned and sexy frosted hair Debra Harry ( look up 70s and music) would have been proud of you take notice and then when the eyes look up and the heavily made up face looks older than your 69-year-old Mom …damn I mean damn….OMFG and damn…
A few minutes later I saw a young blond woman with a bandanna and 60s style sunglasses saunter by rockin the Beetles era hipster look with real skill. She wore bell bottoms too and looked really cool man…stop laughing …no damn it stop laughing
Maybe there was a time warp and it was the same person I saw twice …maybe …She looked a lot like the hot chicks in junior who wouldn’t have anything to do with me even then.

The homeless here are bold and down opportunist and loyal _ Photo by Roya

There is a couple that can be seen from the road driving  Tropicana Blvd. tucked in a corner between roadside trees and sidewalk barriers laying on the concrete consuming their hard won victuals like a pair of hungry badly dressed wolves. Another is camped on a median of a highway off ramp where she knows traffic has to stop before darting off onto the residential road even if they run the light. Yet another couple can be seen rolling down a Sin City road wheel chair and shopping cart in tow.
Maybe she reasons that if they want to run into her with their car they would have to put some effort into it _ to do it on purpose so she sits on this concrete and gravel island with thousands of pounds of metal and plastic on either side apparently fearless of the consequences of one of them jumping the curb.
She might weigh 100 pounds on a good day, but I doubt it.

The Strip was full of shoppers from hundreds of countries, cartoon characters, kids, fans working girls and aliens named Fred. (actually I made that up her name was Bligafu which I think means Cocoa Butter Sunset in English either that or Linda)

That’s life in the City of Sin
Rock fellow Sinners
Until next time

PS There may be justice for those killed in last weeks tragic shooting and car wreck that claimed three lives. Las Vegas finest have to prove to an LA judge that the person arrested is indeed the suspect they have sought….

Bert and Erine cross the street on Las Vegas Boulevard Friday _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Freddy and Thor do the Strip

By Royal Hopper

In the city of Sin there is such a thing as to much belief in yourself of to much being yourself and believing someone actually cares. Sometimes believing in your own ability to make things happen just because you believe in your ability to make things happen is kind of crazy

I say to the man who strode confidently into the street on Las Vegas Boulevard this and stopped in the middle of the street with his hand out confident onrushing cars would stop for him _  you are not that impressive just lucky the drunks went home early.
The next day I witnessed a man with a cowboy hat and a white beard actually standing at the edge of the road and waving traffic on as if somehow Sin City drivers needed his permission to ignore the crazy cowboy dude getting ready to dart out into traffic and speed down the boulevard.

One out of 4 drivers here is under the influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol and 1 out of 6 is under the influence of bad,  bad lounge music. Drivers here will run over you sometimes even if they see you and  happen to be sober at the time and the cops will give you a $200 jaywalking ticket as they are loading you into the ambulance…something the group of Sesame Street character crossing the street Saturday afternoon should have also taken into account as they walked across the Strip taking their life into their hands as they, with their vision obscuring mask continuously strayed out of the pedestrians cross walk. I swore I saw Bert pat Ernie on the butt as they walked across the street very bold if you ask me considering Ernie was much tougher looking.
Use a freaking crosswalk.
Also on the boulevard a man dressed as Thor held an impromptu pose off on Las Vegas boulevard and if pretending to be the Norse God of Thunder and the earth mightiest Gamma Spawned monster isn’t a supreme leap of faith I’m not sure what is.

Freddy greets visitors on the Las Vegas Strip Saturday _ Photo by Royal Hopper

There are two kinds of supreme confidence that comes from believing you are awesome no mater or what you are doing, the kind of confidence that defies common sense and math.
The first is indicate by the couple stalled on a Sin City side street. As the walked down the street the woman angrily strode up to the man who was holding a gas can and snatched it away from him and stormed angrily down the road. It was clear one of them had decided they could drive that old clunker one more mile and the old clunker didn’t make it. “I told you so,” sounds and looks the same in any language.

Lastly there is the kind of confidence that causes to stride across a Las Vegas casino with an ugly red halter top wrapped around his overweight body where his boobs would be if he were the right gender to wear a halter top, showing more skin than an ugly big dude should be allowed to.
He then proceeded to eat a day old pizza crust from a Sin City garbage can and guzzle left over beer even the local alcoholics hadn’t touched.  The ancient Sumerian style beard and mini ponytail may be all the hit in old Charlton Heston B-Movies but this is Las Vegas 2013.
Get a hair cut or grow a real pony tail and buy some bell bottoms _ I hear they are coming back.

…..seriously go to Dillards and get some clothes. Hell steal a T-shirt just put it on for Heaven’s sake your scaring the old people.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Rock on Sinners
Rock on

The Boulevard at night ..a little out of context but it was such a cool shot – Photo by Royal Hopper