Driving down Sin City Boulevard or why do nice old ladies steal your reading glasses???

By Royal Hopper

An afternoon drive down Las Vegas Boulevard- Photo Royal Hopper

This week in the City of Sin. I was on my way home one day driving down the boulevard in back of a tourist from somewhere indoor toilets are a fun new thing (don’t ask) I saw a man with a yellow sign strolling down the sidewalk of Sin City’s most famous street.

The sign said and I kid you not…“Kick Me in the Nuts,” I am not making this up. It topped off a long week of slow agonizing weirdness that saw the return of the warm weather weirdoes like the miniature Michael Jackson who strolled down the boulevard one day.
Looking nothing like the late King of Pop this Michael and being a good foot shorter this Michael Jackson look alike who has been spotted on “The Strip” many times before was singing his heart. He was singing out loud regardless of the fact that no one was within earshot. Perhaps he was asking Michael Jackson and from intensity of conversation he was having with himself maybe he got an answer from the great beyond. He did not seem to care what anyone thought and if he was talking on a blackberry the person at the other end was getting an earful of Pop at high volume to be sure.

This is not the Michael Jackson lookalike just a working
man had a call he had to take even while giving away
free gas -Photo by Royal

Now to the topic at hand.

I had something happen this week I have never thought possible. An older woman made off with my reading glasses while my head was turned. I had just finished helping her with something and when I looked up she was nowhere to found. This chick was fast.

You would think a Sin City Veteran like me wouldn’t be surprised by a little bit of perhaps unintentional larceny but I have to tell you I was taken aback by Grandma’s purloining of my Walgreens reading glasses _ and did L mention they are broken.


“Ha ha quadruple word score I win,” were the fiercest words heard at one Las Vegas convention. Scrabblers (it is too a word) from all around the country came to Las Vegas to test their word spinning skills at the country’s least rowdy Sin City convention.

The master word smiths stared at each other across the tables like warriors across the field of battle. Well not really most of the time they never looked away from the board. One young lady did glare at her opponent for a minute and he glared back pointing at the Webster’s dictionary near his hand. She huffed a challenge at him at placed a carefully worded triple word score.
It was the nerdiest most pleasant Sin City convention I have ever observed.

Even the junior league basketball convention and the Rubix Cube championships had some controversy and some raised voices and a few drinks here and there. The Comic Book Convention attendees were down right animated at times compared to the Scrabblers.

I mean watching a guy dressed like a Storm Trooper yelling at pretend teen bopper super heroes to keep order in a line of people waiting to price this year’s supply of Xena the Warrior Princess reprints was really exciting….No not really.

Sin City Sidewalk waiters do what Sin City sidewalk waiters do _ they wait-Photo by Royal

Continuing the drive down the boulevard you see a lady with a rainbow skirt. Further down a crowd gathered around a street musician playing an electric fiddle. In other parts of the Sin City Sidewalks color coordinated BFFs flirt with a man in a selling maps, a crowd of ner do wells hands full of open containers of alcohol scatter as a Sin City Cop drives by perhaps unaware no body here really cares, least of all cops tasked with keeping Sin City Sinners on the side of order and law. A cop here cares if you have an Open Bud Light with Sin City mayhem all around him. Seriously.

Spiderman was there and so was Thor and Iron Man also posed for pictures on a Sin City Street decked out in his best armor and a show girl bedecked in red feather costume seven feet across strutted her stuff on the boulevard.

Such is Life in the City of Sin..
Rock On Fellow Sinners
And keep on Rockin

Who comes to Las Vegas to be the best speller

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