Discussion questions of the week experiment ….Why or why not ???? If one catches fire well go into detail about it…

Proposed questions

Should Marijuana be legalized ?????
Are tattoos respectable now?? 
Are people who wear costumes and pose for pictures businessmen or annoyances ????
How sensitive is to sensitive ????
What do we do about the homeless ????
What is the perfect breast like ????

May I have some propane please or pass the sarcasm I think its going to rain

by Royal Hopper

It was gray and balmy in the City of Sin this week. There were actually clouds in the sky and one Sin City denizen, perhaps confused by the cloud filled sky was heard to mumble “I am in Baltimore,” and then add something about 1974 and dancing the night away as he murmured the words to a Bee Gees singing song along with the Nirvana song that was actually playing on the loudspeaker nearby like he really was in Baltimore in 1974.

If your certain of a thing and happy about it and no one else cares does reality matter ???? _ not in the City of Sin apparently.
The man sniffed the air looking for all the world like a six foot tall unwashed bipedal poodle as the rare desert rain drenched the City of Sin and him and the imaginary Bee Gees to.
There were clouds in Sin City for heavens sake, lots of them.

More about the weather, Tattoos, Models and signs

I must be honest I was confused for awhile. I kept looking for the hula girls convinced that I had somehow been transported from the desert southwest to a tropical Island like Hawaii without my knowledge _ but no it was just boring old Las Vegas..
_ Boring old Las Vegas full of the usual suspects, locals snickering at the tourists while they adjusted their Elvis costumes and fluffed up their Popeye the sailor hats, “news stands advertising the services of local clothing optional entertainers and tourists from Minnesota enjoying the balmy late winter weather and ignoring the freezing rain and polite homeless people humming to themselves as they walked down the avenue.
It was apparently it was full of respectable women wearing tattoos.
One of the modified women stopped by a local casino and explained that this group of tattooed women meet periodically to work for charity and debunk the myth that all women covered with tats (modified women) are crazy, trashy or wild.
Damn …another deeply held childhood fantasy bites the dust.
Also what do tall lanky bikini models have to do with selling furniture. I don’t have a clue and I don’t think the people walking around the convention where the furniture sets were being displayed did either because very few of them looked at the furniture.

Later on in the week I saw a man sitting on the sidewalk in the rain with a sign painted in red letters pleading for help looking so sad it almost stopped traffic. The red magic marker letters on the sign had begun to run in the misty wet weather. It could have said. Please help _ hungry or Pause hop Hunger a new Neo Punk that I hear is very good. It was hard to tell with the rain continuing to blur the letters on his homemade sign.

One of my favorite homemade Sin City signs was one that read Gas or Propane.

I suppose the owner arrived in Sin City from Tennessee, South Dakota or some other benighted hinterland and discovered

I saw other Sin City Denizens pushing shopping carts so full of their meager possessions they git in each others way. One was so polite as to signal turns and lane changes as to warn fellow sidewalk travelers as he made their way down the Sin City sidewalks navigating his stainless steel homes on wheels…..Imagine a man pushing his cart up a steep sidewalk and being polite enough to signal other shopping carts on the sidewalk he was turning into their lane….

In closing I would like to tell a story about brain suckers

Once my daughter got in trouble at school when she played the brain sucker joke on another kid at school. Apparently the young man in question thought she was serious when she said she was going to suck his brains out through her fingers and she was “asked” to apologize to the young man. (Future Sarah Palin voter maybe)
At the time she was in second grade. Do you ever get the feeling the world never really left second grade _ that what it needs is a sense of humor, a freakin time out, a bottle of happy pills and a grade A psychiatrist. Doctor Phil where are you????
My daughter was confused by the incident to her pretending to suck someone brain out through your fingertips was just to silly to be taken seriously. It was just performance art, a harmless joke a G-rated Halloween prank foe heavens sake.
My daughter was confused but apologized as she was asked.
Some weeks in the City of Sin are like my daughter’s elementary school of those many years ago. It is like an elementary school only with hookers, big hatted tourists from Montana, miles of overpriced restaurants and guys named Gus asking for your spare change, slot machines, 24 hour gambling and enough alcohol to drown Atlantis _ again.

Ahhh well. Driving down LV BLVD in Sin City on a balmy Monday you spot a man with a long beard dressed in red with his hand literally out for hours. Down the road a man stands by those infamous Sin City news stands as if he is refilling them …for two hours he just stares at different machines. Occasionally he turns around to hand one of the flyers to a passerby as if to say this is a good one check it out and goes back to stare at his work.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Rock On Fellow Sinners
And keep on Rockin’
Until your under the rock

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  1. Perfect breasts? I have to begin with firmness and perkiness. Both have to be present and in abundance to even be considered before I can begin to worry about size. Perfect size I believe is a good mislevel c-cup. At least a handful if you know what I mean. (This is simply my opinion. Please don’t get butthurt if yours don’t measure up. I’m sure your breasts are just great)

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