When are you to weird to be yourself

or Being who you are in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

Is it when you are so into your own inner voice you argue with yourself ???
Is it when a dude in his 60s mistakes you for a woman when you are begging for money and admit in bold print you’re too stupid to be a thief.

The sign this man was hold read…To dumb to steal and
to ugly to prostitute…I miss my camera but yes this
photo is by Royal

Driving down a Sin City street this week I saw a homeless man twirling the homemade sign he had fashioned to attract donations and waving at passersby standing in the middle of the intersection.
The sign read and I kid you not: To Dumb to steal and to ugly to Prostitute… To weird to be yourself ????hmmmmmm

You gotta admire the amount of humility and honesty it took to make much less display that sign on a Las Vegas street………..and at least the guy had a decent pan handling work ethic and had developed a certain twirling skill with the sign he so boldly displayed but you know.

Just up the road another financially challenged individual rested in between desperate pleas for assistance by laying down on the median in the middle of the road to nap until the changing of the traffic and groups of rush hour commuters once more drove past his work station. At times his the sign he carried shouting his plight to the world shaded his face from the sun.
When your tired your tired I guess even if there is no convenient bed for you to rest your head on. To weird to be yourself or just tired and hung over.

Nearby a man sat on the sidewalk near a Las Vegas Boulevard street corner his dark shaggy head of hair and wild shaggy beard bobbing periodically as he snapped his head down to his chest and back up again. Was he tired and nodding off in between asking invisible strangers for beer money or was he having an argument with himself and was so pissed at himself that he was shaking his head as he cursed at himself.

I took this with my cell…I miss my camera – was he resting or just whatever – by Royal

Nearby a financially challenged individual, his long white beard actually blowing in the wind as he stood on the street corner who looked like nothing had bothered him in decades looked bothered. When you are scary enough to worry the scary guy you have accomplished something. To weird to be yourself.

All these guys maybe should have thought about not being themselves for awhile but hold on a minute for the pieste resistance

Musical interlude
Ziggy played guitar jamming good with With and Gillie and the Spiders from Mars……
Rebel Rebel ,…you’ve torn your dress …rebel rebel your face is a mess

Something that I saw in my Sin City travels this week made me think one of the infamous Ziggy Stardust one of singer David Bowie stranger stage personalities and I was just going over a bunch of old David Bowie songs in my head trying to figure out which one inspired a local hotel guest to boldly display his bleach blonde Ziggie Stardust mullet, lipstick and T-Rex fashion statement. This gentleman who will remain nameless for obvious reasons asked for assistance in a domestic dispute he was having with his boyfriend.

Another Sin City show off displaying his inner Bowie for all to see. (Those of you who don’t remember David Bowie’s Ziggie Stardust persona et al look it up on You Tube) To Ziggy Stardust weird to be yourself ?????:?

These two City of Sin Residents were probably not discussing this topic. I took this one with my real camera before it was violated and ceased to work.

           Is their a time when your to weird to be yourself ????What do you think 

          All in all the best behaved people in the City of Sin were the guys with the guns. A group of cowboy action shooter quietly rode in and out of town with their six shooters and Winchesters in tow. Such is life in the City of Sin …

Rock On Fellow Sinners and remember only you really know if you are to weird to be yourself

Jogging Report: In jogging news …with the weather starting to warm up the real runners are becoming fewer and the look at me I am pretty people are beginning to filter back to the City of Sin.

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