Sin City silliness and My People Leave town

By Royal Hopper

Looking for stuff in the gray areas outside the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal

As someone who once owned three leisure suits and several pairs of bell bottoms I know a great deal about the Nerd and Geek subcultures..(snort..snort ….snort….) As someone who was once told by a good looking woman that he was hot and replied no actually its quite cool in here …I know a great deal about the Nerd and Geek subculture.

It is in light of that I would like to correct a serious, serious mistakes. Last week I told you about how the City of Sin was invaded by Nerds of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Nerds ( my people) check out the City of Sin on a gray chilly Day _ Photo Royal

This was a mistake. The majority of the brainy hedonist invading the City of Sin were not in fact Nerds. They were Geeks. A serious mistake that a someone very familiar with both Nerd and Geek culture I should have been aware of. (Ducking the flurry of hand sized consumer electronics being thrown at me).

A note to all visitors to the City of Sin. Walking down Las Vegas Boulevard with your convention tags hanging around your neck doesn’t make you look cool or keep you from looking like a Nerd just because several hundred people or even several thousand people are doing the same thing.

A Sin City Street early in the morning

A Sin City Street early in the morning

Imagine the group of CES (Consumer Electronics conventioneers I saw striding down the Boulevard this week thought they were really cool. They were good sized guys (why are you giggling) on and as they strode down The Strip with their convention Ids blowing wind and their trendy thrift shop attire drawing attention from several people in the area and thought these are the cool people, the pretty people… the hip people.

Then I overhead a piece of a conversation the men were having with each other. One of them was telling the others about the history of the building they were passing and the other actually appeared interested.

“My people,” I thought as the group of Geeks and Nerdswalked past me. I watched them leave secure in the knowledge that I had been with a woman several times and had a teenaged daughter to prove it. (snort …snort…snort) I wanted to warn them stay away from the girls named after forest animals, months of the year or high cholesterol foods or deserts like Bambi April May Sorbet but I fear they didn’t listen.


Further down the strip a large group of men decided they had nothing to do all sat down in one spot, a man stood alone taking photographs are clearly wanting to be seen doing it.

In one section of the strip a man lectured a group of other tourists at least one of whom was Australian judging by his accent and didn’t understand a word. In anothera gray haired grandma sported a pink tight fitting leather jacket, Go Go boots and a go to hell handbag and somehow managed to pull it off.

Treasure Island. I worked there for awhile before they had
such a snazzy sign —Photo by Roy 


This  is a conversation I overhead this week in a City of Sin hallway.

There were two voices and they were audible through a wooden door 15 feet away in a place I will not reveal.
“It’s just inevitable we would get tired of it. I’m not saying I am but …there it is …” said a male voice.
Some of the words were muffled but that was the gist of it. Then the voice added. “I enjoy the sh** out of hopping into bed and feeling your breasts rub up against me…” the voice then said. I gotta be honest with you I don’t want to know but I thought you would enjoy that tidbit.

Such is life in the City of Sin

Rock On Fellow Sinners

Bell bottoms are to coming back in style…they are damn it

Jogger Report:
I’m not sure I understand why people jogging down the boulevard when it is freezing cold wear shorts but hey…


Kiss my butt

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