Questions of the week and Invasion of the Nerds

..A picture poser poses for pictures on Las Vegas Boulevard Monday – Photo Royal

By Royal Hopper 

 This week hordes of tech savvy hedonists pushed up their pocket protectors adjusted their glasses gulped down their $6 lattes and headed to the City of Sin joining thousands of other hedonists braving what passes for winter in southern Nevada.

 Questions appeared to be the order of the week in the City of Sin.
One particular gentleman visiting the City of Sin during this frozen week in Sin City was determined to find the answer to a question that was wracking his ethanol soaked brain.
Where the bus to Los Angeles? “ he asked .

He asked that burning question nodding his head squinting at me through a haze of Jack Daniels and sleep deprivation and then shook his head like he understood and wandered off to find his bus.
He repeated this process several times over a period of an hour or so perhaps unaware that he was asking the same person the same question. Each time wandered off in the same direction and came back to ask that same burning question.
When he came back the last time he appeared to recognize me …I mean the person he had been talking too, and asked me to repeat the directions I had given him.
He shook his head in agreement perhaps mumbling oh good its you gain those other two guys were idiots.

A cowboy takes in the sights on the LV boulevard
Monday and is confused ???? – Photo by Royal


What do you say when you see a gaudily dressed woman wearing a short skirt on a cold winter’s day heavily made up throw something at a man who shies away not only from her aim but the glances of passersby?
You may call it domestic disagreement or a little to much to drink on last night’s dinner date. I call it a labor dispute. Princess as I will call the young woman was assaulting a physical strong looking guy and was clearly pissed about something.
She followed him down the Boulevard throwing random objects at him and giving him a look that scared even this Sin City veteran a little. 

I’m guessing the young woman in question was a pro and the gentleman in question was her uuhhh uhhhhhh Boss or procurer shall we say. It was clear she was not happy with her working conditions or pay and followed him around the corner continuing to throw things at him until they disappeared out of sight.

A few moments later she came around the corner and stood hands on hips at the front of one local casino still fuming about something for several minutes before shaking it off and turning back to the boulevard and then looking indoors as if to decide where she was going to work the next shift and then Princess yawned and went back inside.

 Early in the afternoon a drive down Las Vegas boulevard headed south reveals many things. As you head south two men sit near a corner of one ancient casino with no apparent purpose. A little further down the road the person posing as Bumblebee continued his afternoon poses, near feather clad “Chorus Girls” posing for onlookers and yet further a cowboy stares out at the infamous Boulevard clearly confused by the sights and sounds of Sin City’s neon jungle and the costumes worn by its denizens.
Further down the road a couple faces off in front of the Miracle Mile shopping center in Planet Hollywood obviously pissed at each other. The man wears the trademark side curls or Peyot that is often worn by Chasidic Jews (spelling ???I Googled it ) and in other places the couple might have drawn some attention but not in the City of Sin.

Las Vegas Boulevard

 Here only the shutterbug former small town reporter stuck in traffic on the way home from his job in a Sin City casino who missed his turn off notices the couple screaming at each other.

A man holds a sign another takes his expensive tie off and puts it in his pocket another man sifts through a garbage can for a still steaming cup of coffee and a generous tourist surrenders hers to a less fortunate man walking past hers without being asked.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Rock on Fellow Sinners
Til next time

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