Driving down Las Vegas or talking politics between cocktails

Driving down Las Vegas Boulevard this week I saw a man slumped over in a wheel chair on a City of Sin street corner as what passes for winter begin to set in to southern Nevada but first lets talk one last time about the election.

Driving down the Boulevard in the City of Sin on a week day afternoon 
– Photo by Royal

It was an election week this week and even in the city of Sin people did notice once or twice.
One conversation between a group of older casino patrons in the City of Sin was spoken in whispers early one week day morning and was overheard only by a few bleary eyed gamblers and sleepy caffeine deprived casino employees.
The conversation went something like this.
“Do you think he’s a socialist, my father says he is a socialist,” said one patron pointing at a television screen in the vicinity. “Maybe,” said the other “ a lot of people think he is.”

“Your right. My father says he is a socialist and you know I never really trusted that Roosevelt..” the other said trailing off a bit.
“No the other guy,” said the other.. “You mean Kennedy,” said the first. “No he’s gone,” the other guy….”Oh you mean Johnson…yeah that whole Civil Rights Act really pissed me off….” said the first one. “No,” said the first ..Dereck O’Dama …I think he’s Irish…”

Actually I added that last part but still. The patrons I speak of were obviously older folks somewhat older than my 69-year old mother and I think one of them had a Cosmopolitan in their hand.
I’m pretty sure the two who did most of the talking were a married couple because the woman I am speaking of said ..oh never mind and proceeded to ignore the rest of the male dominated group as they quietly ranted on.
One had what might have been iced tea or a really big glass of Jack Daniels.
Another much shorter conversation might have went something like this.
“So what about that election,?”
And the response “Vas ( German for what)
And another went something like. “Yes I’m here for the election. I’m going to out one thousands dollars on Romney, “ one inebriated man said. “The election was over two days ago..I think,” said the other and anyway I think the Irish guy won.

Souvenir Gift shop another more harmless City of Sin Cliche
Photo by Royal

It is by now a City of Sin cliché that weird people live here. Weird people visit this city and weird people otherwise walk the streets on occasion for all sorts of reasons
This week was really rather slow by Sin City standards but one gentleman did walk to the middle of a Sin City casino and suddenly begin cursing ripping his hoodie off and cursing again talking to no one in particular about what was pissing him off.

Another Sin City patron discovered that paying anything up front to anybody for anything is a bad idea and paying more than say $500 to person wearing six inch heels is really kind of silly as is asking the police for help in getting your money back for said proposed services which are after all illegal in Clark County Nevada.

Another Sin City denizen decided that walls made him angry and put his hand through the dry wall to show it who was boss. I think the wall won. And a cab and a Cadillac bumped heads while leaving a parking garage.
Now the man I saw slumped in the wheel chair. I don’t think the man was deceased but he wasn’t moving and the people who stopped to help him were having trouble waking him up but somebody did stop to help and there were police cars and ambulances in the area and I’m guessing they were on the way to providing what help could be provided.
I don’t know what happened to the man but somebody did stop to help while nearby tourists consulted maps, took cheesecake photos, paraded their children past towers of decadence and winked at the working girls walking down the wayside but somebody stopped to help.
As I have sometimes said the people in the this city will surprise you some of the time. Not often but some of the time.
Jogger report: There were many joggers on Las Vegas Boulevard but someone should tell the gentleman who trotted down the Strip last week around noon that middle aged guys do not look cool running down the center road of a street in a major city shirtless wearing only gym shorts and bright green glow in the dark shoes. My eyes still hurt. I could not avert them fast enough.


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