Donning Grandpas Punk Gear and passing out in the bathroom

by Royal Hopper

Image and perception matter in Las Vegas and they matter a lot but they don’t protect you especially if you do it badly.

This week in the City of Sin a beautiful young woman approached the information desk at a local casino tears running down her cheeks inconsolable and sobbing as she spoke her chest heaving with the effort. Why was she upset ? There will be more on this in a moment.

Bally-who, a palm tree and the Eiffel Tower greet visitors to Las Vegas Boulevard Monday
afternoon – Photo by Royal

This week I saw a lot of people spending a lot of time polishing their image in the City of Sin and doing it badly.

Lets start with idiots trying to convince people they are bad ass rebels in a town whose bedrock was built on the efforts of bad ass rebel gangsters, bad ass rebel cowboys and self promoting bad ass freaks from all over the work.
This week’s cast of bad ass wannabes includes Dude wearing grandpa’s punk gear, Dude passed out in the bathroom because he’s a man and he can handle his booze, and one enterprising individual who started a fire in a trash can because hey no one is going to tell them they can’t smoke in the bathroom.

City of Sin Tourists wait patiently for the light to change perhaps thinking Wow that’s cool _ Photo by Royal

Now lets talk about Dude with grandpa’s punk gear and with a question…..

What do you call an idiot dressed in black with a lip ring who weighs a buck twenty sopping wet and who spits out the window of Las Vegas hotel room 14 floors in the air ???
You might call him Frank or Jim I for one just call him the idiot dressed in black with the pierced lip who is leaving the hotel but hey I’m traditional that way and this is the City of Sin. Here image is important.

Its not everything but it is important and I’m sure grandpa who was probably a genuine rebel who slam danced his way across the country will be glad to get his gear back in his closet where it belongs.

Now the guy laying down in the bathroom because he is a man and can handle his booze.

Consider the Sin City cliché that is the falling down drunk. This particular drunk, drank a lot or took a lot and apparently taking a leak was just too much strain for him to endure. He fell down and could not get up. No one was going to tell this manly man an alcoholic should not drink.
The person who decided they were going to smoke and were going to throw their smoldering cigarette in a trash can full of paper was in such a panic to leave when the flames started to emerge from the trash bin they left some of their clothes behind.
The person who suddenly discovered she was ill after drinking a lot decided she had alcohol poisoning. She had a drink for hours and couldn’t keep anything down and had a massive headache. She had a hangover

Now back to the engaging attractive young woman who was in tears, inconsolable begging casino employees for help. It turns out she was upset because she what ???lost all her money ????? Her boyfriend…No she lost her phone ..It was found by her boyfriend who told her on her other phone????

Lastly I would like to close with a cliché. One man, who like thousands before him and probably more to come, invited a woman he didn’t know to his room likely accepted a drink he didn’t make, woke up devoid of his wallet and his pride. If you live here you don’t get surprised when you hear someone got rolled by a working girl. It’s so cliché it’s almost boring.

You can’t be an idiot in Las Vegas for any length of time anyway. Like most modern cities this city, the City of Sin is unforgiving of idiots and naivety. It does not suffer fools lightly. It loves them. It woos them. It embraces them especially if they have money. Image is important in the City of Sin. It makes the city notice you. How you handle it is up to you…..

Such is life in the City of Sin

Til next time

Rock On Sinners Rock On

Jogger report:

I am recreating the Jogger report lets start with one simple observation. I saw a lot of couples jogging this week. One caught my eye. The woman of the couple looked lithe and sprightly easily running down the Las Vegas boulevard as her man a more regular guy type was clearly struggling. It was almost cliché

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