Bob gets nabbed, an old lady stands tall and Halloween haunts the City of Sin

The 50s are back I guess ..lots of plaid shirts and cheap sunglasses filled the Boulevard this week. The City if Sin hosted cowboys, racers, superheroes and general weirdness this week.

By Royal Hopper

A week of questions and answers

Also what does the gentile older lady do when a much younger, much drunker woman confronts her and calls her an F’n lying (all you kids don’t read this) bitch?
Does she shriek and cower ? Does she pull a pistol from her purse and pepper the younger woman who accosted her with lead pellets? Does she jump on a table and strike a Kung Fu pose and brag about her martial arts prowess? The answer at the end of this missive.

Sin City Casinos use all kinds of enticements to lure people into their

clutches. This one stands in Front of Terrible Herbst’s Casino on Flamingo

Road _  Photo by Royal

Remember Bob the Dancer…The bearded dirty gentleman who stands on Sin City sidewalks and breaks into dance in front of bewildered tourists even when there is no music. What do you think Bob, who states his occupation is entertainer said to people who confronted him after he snagged something from another Sin City guests while on a Sin City gaming table?

The answer to that question will also follow.

Also at the request of a friend I would like to repeat a question from last week and go into more detail in the answer….The question I posed last week was this.
Have you ever seen chicks with tattoos dragging guys into elevators by the crotch ? I will expand on the answer to this question in a moment.

Image and confidence…
Before we answer those questions consider this. As I have said before Sin City is a place for peacocks. Human Peacocks of all kinds that enjoy being noticed and simply do not care what people think about it live here and visit the City of Sin.

You have to admire a person who truly doesn’t care what other people think about what he wears. You don’t have to dress like them or like the lady who went jogging in her pajama…To tired to put on pants??? Late for bed time ???? To color blind to tell her jogging pants had kittens on them. So angry at her 13-year-old daughter she deliberately decided to jog in her pajamas.?? I have to know.

The man who strolled down Las Vegas Boulevard wearing a Stetson, pair of Bermuda short and a button up work shirt fits into that category of Sin City Denizen.
How about the guy who can stroll down the middle of a Sin City casino dressed like a superhero red body suit fake muscles and all?
It either takes a massive amount of self confidence, a massive amount of alcohol consumption or a lot of both to do such a thing and something else to do it and believe the eyes that roll as you walk by are doing so because they admire your costume and your fake six pack.

There were six or seven young ladies that seemed to admire the mans costume and danced and whooped on the casino floor as he passed. Of course they were six year old girls who were dressed like Fairy Princesses and giggled every other word of admiration they mumbled to each other. Right on.

Just a cool car I took a picture of ..Rock On all

More questions ???
What do you say to a man who says better get out of my way as he and a well dressed friend are walking down the aisle of a casino and there is nobody around him. Nobody for at least 30 feet. My solution is to leave the dude alone and let his well dressed invisible friends take care of him and his pal the way they always do and apparently always have.

In the lead up to Halloween, costumed figures of all sorts were every where in the City of Sin leading me to comment to one gentleman dressed as what appeared to be a pirate ..Nice Costume….to which he replied in a drunken slur of words ..Costume..what costume ???

In the last missive, the last funny one I close with this…

The lady with tattoos dragging the man into the elevator by his crotch ..who knows ..even in the City of Sin some things are best left as mysteries.
I didn’t see what happened in the elevator but then again maybe we will talk about what probably went on in that elevator…Loud noises and groans ????alien parasites eating someone’s brains ….zombies …
The truth is I’m not sure what happened to these two but the tattooed lady seen forcing the man into the elevator was later seen high fiving another tattooed beauty and making rude hand gestures and then high fiving the other again.
Roll reversal ??? Is the gentleman in that scene sobbing his broken heart out somewhere while the beauty and her friend swap stories of the weekend’s conquest ? I don’t know but I did later see her smoking a cigarette …What does that mean exactly????It means I’m jealous for one.

Now back to the gentile older lady confronted by an intoxicated younger woman with the foul mouth.
What does the gentile older lady do when a younger woman when a younger drunken woman confronts her and calls her an F’n lying bitch you ask? The gentile older lady looks right at the other woman and says “well you’re her a fat ass,” Grandma refused to back down. She held her ground and composure with the help of 10 or 15 bystanders who leapt to her defense. Yes as I have said it before sometimes this city will surprise you ..not often but sometimes.

Lastly lets talk about Bob again. (That is of course not his name its just what we call him) When confronted by his accusers saying they had proof he had taken cash from a fellow Sin City gambler, bearded , dirty Bob the Dancer with chin whiskers that will likely live on years after Bob has passed on to his glory called his accusers Jews and asked them.
“What would you do if you had baby Jesus in your hands????
Well what would you do????

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Rock on Sinners

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