Hedonism, talking to nobody and The Grateful Dead

by Royal Hopper

Have you ever had conversation that you were not aware of or seen naked people posing on city streets or aliens landing on Las Vegas Boulevard . Have you ever seen chicks with tattoos dragging guys into elevators be the crotch ?
More on this in a minute.

The City of Sin at night – Photo by Royal


First conversations you are not aware of.
Hedonism is a decades old past time in the City of Sin. Most people handle it fine like the young woman who maintained her poise and femininity while purging herself of the previous night’s indulgence……In other words she was vomiting the last of the free drinks she had forced down her throat the previous night.

Others don’t do so well.
I cannot reveal the details due to privacy concerns but when another young woman, and when I say young I am being satirical who had had to much to drink several years ago and probably never stopped.
This not so young follower of Jack Daniels happened to turn to me for a split second and said something to the effect of do you see what I’m saying. At least I think that’s what she said. The words were kind of blurred together and incomplete but apparently I had been having a conversation with this person for several minutes and didn’t even know it….

Do you know what I’m talking about ? At least I think that’s what she said it was either that or Duar no bllbbbb rrrb bout…..”
It is also not uncommon in the City of Sin to hear people talking to themselves but sometimes they also simply like to parrot the things other people are saying word for word.

There is another quieter form of Hedonism. In the City of Sin and Hedonism.

Like the impulse strippers.
This is something I heard about and didn’t see like the young woman who stripped off her clothes ran in front of a group of famous and similarly clad bronze statues had a friend snap a picture of her nude body and then threw a coat over her naked shoulders and skittered away before she could be caught and advised not to be naked. In front of bronze statues at any rate.

In closing I would like to mention Cowboys, Hippies and The Grateful Dead.

Back in the day the Grateful Dead would pass through Las Vegas on a yearly basis sometimes about the same time the National finals rodeo. I used to date a Dead Head chick.
I won’t tell you her name, because I liked this chick a bit. She went by Gidget, because like the movie character she was a girl and a midget. She hitched hiked to Vegas from her native Los Angles to visit the City of Sin and sometimes me.
In spite of it’s gangster/cowboy origins the Dead Heads seemed to fit in Las Vegas. They were hedonist of the nth degree wore crazy clothes, lived in 60s in their THC soaked brains and just didn’t give a …hoot what anybody thought about it. Most of the Dead Heads were decent folks many would make their way to the next show selling T-Shirts sitting on the sidewalks often T-shirts very similar to the ones that turned up missing from gift shops the day before.
On one occasion one was found up on the fake sea side cliff in front of the Treasure Island Hotel/Casino lying on the fake rocks many feet in the air a victim of the infamous Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
On at least one occasion the Dead Heads would arrive in town at around the same time as the National Finals Rodeo and clash between counter cultural images and sometimes between the followers of the counter cultures was not epic. As far as I know of there was one short lived fist fight that neither of the participants likely remembered…

Ahhh the memories. Such is Life in the City of Sin

Ohh yeah about the aliens landing on Las Vegas Boulevard ….they were Canadian and they weren’t landing so much as jogging in their Hockey Jerseys (I’m from Texas ..I have no idea what team…) and The lady with tattoos dragging the man into the elevator by his crotch ..who knows ..even in the City of Sin some things are best left as mysteries.

Then again maybe we will talk about what probably went on in that elevator…Loud noises and groans ????alien parasites eating someones brains ….zombies …tune in again and find out …..

Rock on Sinners and tune in again next week

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