Drunken Birds and bad fashion sense

By Royal Hopper

I saw an accident this week. It happened right in front of me as I was traveling down Flamingo Road. A red truck that was hauling ass tried to make it across the road against traffic and was broadsided by a white pick up who was as far as I could tell driving normally.
The red truck flipped over several times and landed on its side. More about this in a minute.



Two members of the Las Vegas area 47 percent take a lunch break from actually working for a living. Sue me I was in a political mood – Photo by Royal


Today there was all sorts of silliness in Sin City even the birds wanted to get in on the act. One determined blackbird stood by the front door of a Strip casino periodically jumping toward one of the doors and looking surprised and angry when he hit the glass doors. He had jusy finished drinking somethign off the sidewalk that looked suspiciously like spilled beer. (lets hope that what it was.)

He then flew into the air several times hit the glass doors again only to jump up and walk at them again in the air. Finally he flew up and away like some of the tourists from this summer’s Electric Daisy Carnival did or thought they were doing at any rate. The bird was toasted.
For the record you don’t look cool hanging around a bus stop with no shirt on like the two sub geniuses standing at a bus stop on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard.
They were sporting gym shorts, flexing their ..not so impressive physiques and actually posing for onlookers while they waited at the bus stop and their girl friends stood by protecting their male egos by not rolling their eyes. At least not  while they were looking.
They were not Charles Atlas by any stretch of the imagination and they looked more like cartoon characters than the bad asses the were pretending to be.

these two spent several minutes trying to figure out the bus stop ticket machine last winter

Talking about the egos of my fellow males_  kudos to the guy who was spotted walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard wearing a huge Feax crown in his head. Its takes a lot of confidence to walk the streets of Las Vegas dressed as a Burger King character and even more to make a play for a good looking local girl while doing it. Vegas chicks are not known for being awestruck by dudes in costumes and although I didn’t stick around to see the results of his efforts she probably thought he was posing for pictures and maybe even tipped him a dollar as she walked away laughing.

Oh lastly lets talk about shoes. There is a rule ladies should consider when picking out an ensemble. I call it the redneck rule. When even the middle aged redneck watching from a distance can tell your outfit is a disaster you should rethink wearing green shoes with six soles and even bigger heels.
In in the city of sin today there were men and women pushing their possessions down the road in shopping carts. One gentleman fell asleep on a flight of stairs by a swimming pool the victim of Lord Ethanol and his cohort and certain his problems stemmed from the imaginary men who jumped him and forced him to fall asleep on the stairs.
On the boulevard outside an athletic young woman in custom jogging clothes ran easily down the Sin City while nearby a man who had seen his better days long ago shambled down the street every step taken gingerly as if each one was a great effort.
A dog the size of a giant tea cup barked like a lion from the protected care of his overdressed owner, a mother tries to corral her four hyper children bored by the leather clad wanderers nearby and a of men all dressed in what appears to be uniform bowling shirts walks down the street like extras in a movie about Mariachi band playing bowlers ????????

Back to the wreck. Within seconds people had surrounded the incident and people were on their cell phones and someone even brought put a backpack I assume had an oxygen bottle or an automatic external defibrillator in it. People were there to help. Sometimes the people in this city will surprise you ….sometimes …

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Rock on Sinners

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