Maybe the man found on the sidewalk was faking or the glory of lying in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper
You might not admire people who lie well in the face overwhelming evidence they are full of crap but you have to respect the Chutzpah it takes to do it.


A rooftop view of the City of Sin – Photo by Royale

Cat Bath in the bathroom
“My wife kicked me out of the room for not shaving,“ one residentially challenged  man reportedly said when confronted by security guards in a casino restroom. He had spread all of his worldly possessions, a dozen or so items including a well used razor across the bathroom counter at the casino.
He was scraping the dull razor across his thick stubbly beard and continued to do so
Even when it was obvious the poor put upon grooming device had seen its better days many, many shaves ago.
 He  was attempting to take a bath in the bathroom of the casino which is something homeless people often do when security guards happened upon him and immediately came upon an explanation for his shambled appearance and odd situation.
‘I was staying at the casino next door he explained and had got into an argument with my wife,” he explained reportedly not stop for breath as he continued to fib like a pro.
The argument with his gorgeous old lady ended up with him being kicked out of his room and in need of a shave and a little sprucing up.
Maybe but in light of the fact the man had all his possessions in  a dirty shopping bag and hadn’t bathed in days at  least the gentleman was asked to leave.
When the gentleman walked away like it took effort just the stand up. Maybe he was drunk or just tired but when they found him sitting on the sidewalk with skin covered with black dusty coating. He looked like death warmed over and walked like an drunken starved, toddler like each step was an effort something he had to calculate every step so he wouldn’t fall down. I’m not sure what he told the people who were asking him to leave but it must have been a whopper because they all smiled a genuine smile.

When you should lie
A little advice …..If you come to Vegas to meet …uuhh professional women. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County where Las Vegas is located and a taxi drivers who promises you will get laid by going to a certain place he is probably taking you for a ride, literally. Being taken for a rise is a Vegas term that usually means a cabbie takes you the long way around to a specific destination thereby running up the meter or …..or the cabbie usually acting on thinly veiled questions takes them to a given place on the promise they will get ………lets say lucky.
 No working girl worth her street creds will respond to direct request for paid sex because as I said it is illegal in the City of Sin (believe it or not) and she probably thinks you are a narc or a vice cop. There are rules and protocols for everything in the City of Sin and it pays to know them and if you are going to lie do it well or don’t do it.

                 This was in a Halloween Shop in the Galleria cool huh

Come up to my room….
Now lets say you are two young women who invite two young men up to your room and then ..what ??change your mind…and then get upset when one of them apparently decides to get something out of the deal and takes some of the holiday stash you have hidden about the room and by stash I mean cash. The girls said they had invited the men up to their room and then changed their minds….and the guys tried to make off with their money out of revenge. Whose lying ??/You know I honestly couldn’t tell.
It was an odd week at once curiously slow and insanely busy. People slept on sidewalks, in chairs fully dressed in expensive suits, walked drunkenly down city sidewalks laughing as the fell in the street and lay in the gutter an approaching car skidding to a halt just a few feet from them.
What an idiot … Such is life in the City of Sin

Til Next Time

Take Care
Jogger report: This week the ambient temperature finally got below 100 degrees. It was a bone chilling 99 degrees all week and with the bone chilling  temperatures joggers became more heavily clothed. The less than hard bodied joggers and the long sleeves dark colored clothes came out of the wood work. Perhaps feeling more comfortable because wearing heavier clothes to cover up their couch potato frames  was now officially in fashion they began converging on Las Vegas boulevard.

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