TITO, BOLO, Bar Flys and Gargantua parts the waves on a rainy day in the City of Sin

By Royal

Sometimes you don’t realize what an odd place you live in until one day it ceases to be odd for a few hours.
Those few hours didn’t come this week in the City of Sin. The city was just as full of weirdoes as it always has been even after most of the pool players in this year’s convention went home Saturday there was no shortage of Sin City eccentrics in the City of Sin.
Before they left;  at one pool table I saw a man with a red Mohawk at another a seven footer with a black shaggy beard down past his breast bone and long shaggy Rob Zombie hair down to his waist.
The sea of normal sized pool players driven inside by the “torrential rains” (please insert a snicker with a heavy Gulf Coast accent) parted in a wave as Gargantua strode down the middle of the group of billiard playing people.
Have you ever ran into someone who didn’t actually know why they had done something they were just following some inner voice that told them to say travel hundreds of miles and hang out in the desert for week.

A casino banner celebrating the past – Photo by Royal

Where am I
I ran into one such person this week and to make a long story short after determining they hadn’t come to Vegas for the pool tournament, to see family, for a vacation or for business and didn’t actually know why they were here, perhaps having seen to many late night crime dramas about serial killers with amnesia I excused myself and strode quickly away toward where more conventional weirdoes with multicolored hair and six inch heels were hanging out. 
This week I’d like to talk a little about the alphabet. When you work in a casino you are often bombarded by anagrams, abbreviations, and a laundry list of alphabetical shortcuts.


For instance do you know that if you have played slots in a Las Vegas area casino you have likely had a TITO in your hand, or rather a TITO ticket in your hand …Tito stands for ticket in ticket out you dirty minded devil you.
These days coin operated slot machines are rare in the City of Sin. When you put your cash in the slot machine you don’t get any money back. You get a ticket you can cash in at a machine or with a cage cashier.
If you work at one of these casinos you have probably been given a BOLO right in the brief…ing room. BOLO stands for be on the look out ….so if someone in a security outfit says BOLO a TITO thief,  there is no need to tighten or button up your blouse or stand in front of your girlfriend as you walk her across the casino ..they are just looking for a guy who steals slot tickets.
Also when someone gives you a comp there not giving you a computer or a composition notebook, they’re giving you a free buffet, in fact compensating you for something you have done usually for losing a lot of money to the casino.
This week I also saw a flyer for SIN. It has something to do with surveillance in casinos, imagine looking for SIN in Las Vegas …really. It’s kind of looking like sand in the desert.
Just ask the pair of six inch heel wearing, leather loving six foot tall working girls who were doing the best to look like wayward tourist as the plied their trade in leather, lace and heels.
It rained this week in the city of Sin. Not a lot, not much more than a summer shower by the standards of the Gulf Coast communities I grew up in, but by the way desert folks measure such stuff it was a storm to be reckoned with.

A distant hillside view of Las Vegas just as the rain hit the desert
by Royal Hopper

The rainy weather _  flash flood amateurs around here lost their minds. 
As we sat in our car Wednesday on a road in the boonies after our weekly hike waiting for a motorcade of important people to pass by so the state trooper blocking the road would let us pass rain began pelting the everything in site. You can always tell someone who has lived in the desert awhile when the rain starts hitting the ground they will be the ones who look like their cars are going to melt in the rain like a fairy tell witch or paper Mache’ Elvis statue. Others simply smile and take pictures of the lightning as people yell at them  to get out of the pool.

Lots of things happened in the city of sin this week. People were found sleeping in bathrooms, passed out in hallways, were caught soliciting each other for sex and lots of people wore ugly clothes and costumes. People wrecked wheelchairs into ceramic walls, and peed on floors in the bathroom….no seriously three feet from the urinal. They back packed, they stayed up for days slept just as long chased kids away from their free drinks and some just didn’t know why they had come to Las Vegas or what they were doing there.
Such is life and rain in the City of Sin
Until next time or whenever
Take Care

Driving in the rain in the desert is not a common thing but it does happen _ Photo by Royal

Jogger report: Joggers are slowly giving way to power walkers and backpackers. The look at me I’m beautiful and spend more on my shoes than you made last year runners are slowly being replaced by regular guy Happy Meal at MacDonalds power walkers and backpackers with cartoon characters on their back packs.

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