Its Freakin hot

By Royal Hopper

Some people make it into the elevator when stumbling back toward their room or out of it. Some just pass out on the floor and some are found laying half in and half out of the elevator and this week all three happened within a short period of time.  
Later in the week some just sat down on the floor and didn’t get up. I guess he was either to drunk or to tired decided he was going to sit down and wasn’t going to move, talk, open his eyes or wake up and tell people he wasn’t really deceased and that was only the drunk people.
Las Vegas is in the desert southwest that from time to time it gets hot and is seldom humid here. Tourist who come here however seem to find the fact a city located in the desert gets hot endlessly surprising.
“Wow its kind of hot today,” one guest presumable from a cooler northern climate said. “No, not really It’s actually kind of nice (for this time of year),” I answered because it was in the high 80s on the Fahrenheit scale at the time which is really not all that hot by southern Nevada summertime standards. Today it was an even 100 degrees somewhere around 10 am, and promises to get hotter as the summer goes on.
In other words it gets really hot here in the summertime.

I remember a T-shirt I saw several years ago that shows a man crawling through the desert on the verge of drying up like a piece week old pepperoni and the caption read. “But it’s a dry heat,”
So many times a tourist from the far north shows up in the city of sin drinks his or her fill and passes out at a convenient location not because of the 14 cocktail they consumed the night before, they passed out because it was 110 and hadn’t drunk any water in days.

Silly questions were the second order of the day her in the City of Sin.
I also had a tourist ask me where area 51 was. He actually asked me for directions to the infamous UFO/Air Force research center.  I must confess I have no idea where the place is and directed him to the Hertz rent  a car counter where they book tours for the area and was tempted to say ask agent Mulder he’s available channel 43 at 5 p.m. every day. It  may come as no surprise that I discovered that thee was someone I work with who did know where area 51 was having flown over it in days gone by and having been escorted out of the area by jet fighters on more than one occasion. I’m not joking I work with the guy every day.
A few minutes later a guest walked up to of


File Photo of Las Vegas skyline you guessed it in the summer time


the security guards on duty at the information booth and wanted him to check him into his room because the line at the front desk was to long. People had their pants stolen, they had panic attacks because of the multiple 5-hour energy drinks they had consumed to stay awake all night and man with no home, no soles on his shoes and no hope managed to catch a few zzzs and drunk his Pepsis on the planter in front of a northern strip hotel before a security guard reluctantly ran him off so he wouldn’t bother Bingo players inside the hotel and incidentally it was hot in the City of Sin this week and by hot I mean it’s the freakin’ desert dude.
Homeless people here aren’t just resourceful and tough they are hardened sun baked survivors. Rock On

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Til next week
Take Care


PS Dont forget to read the jogger report below the photo….take care


                     This one is the screen name on my cell phone I took it on a sunny days a few months ago
Jogger report:
Power walking was the order of the day and the order of the day was Power walkers with no shame or sense of Fashion. ( Not that I have any but the women I talk to say this too) The order of the day was a power walker wearing a bright yellow green shirt and gray shorts, black shoes and tall black socks arms pumping and swinging back and forth like some old newsreel footage of British soldiers marching through Paris drawing the unabashed attention of normal tourist and somewhat normal joggers as he power walked down Las Vegas Boulevard.
My favorite power walker was a guy dressed in blue jeans and a dark blue T-shirt as if to say there is no point in pretending I’m an athlete, I’m fat and I love MacDonald’s and soon as I have convinced myself I’ve had enough exercise I’m going to run across the street and get  Big Mac and a side of fries. You gotta love this city it tolerates everyone loves no one and ignores your faults with the same intensity it ignores your virtue ….most of the time 


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