Diamond Dave wannabes and the return of Hair nostalgia

Sometimes you can see more in the city of Sin by quietly observing the people it attracts than you can partying like a “Big Dog” with people you wont remember in a couple of days anyway.
This week the city of Sin was full of mortgage brokers, horse racing fanatics fight fans  and hordes of older men who don’t understand the passage of time and things are really all that cool 30 years after they weren’t all that cool in the first place except an isolated high school outside of LA.
Among the denizens slaking across the byways of Sin City this week I saw a huge mop of  frizzy Van Halen style waist length bleached blond hair walking across a hotel pool. That’s the first thing you noticed about Blondie as I call him his hair because it was almost as large as he was.

No don’t do it …No really don’t do it
 The 70sor maybe the 80s are coming back I thought hopefully remembering pictures of me clad in bell bottoms and leather jackets from the corresponding decades that I have concealed from prying eyes for years now.
I wondered if Diamond David Lee Roth had decided to relieve the Golden Years of Van Halen or had a young hipster rediscovered those hazy hyper active, long haired days of yore or was it a slightly masculine very tall woman who owned stock in hair stylist salon and an interest in hydrogen peroxide manufacturing. Was hair metal making a come back ?????
Maybe the boys from Motley Crue were coming to Vegas on the promise that some of their fans had come to the City of Sin in a drunken haze in 1982 and never left.
No none of those were true, Blondie was a grown man who just happened to have hair longer than entire Crazy Girls chorus line who shamelessly rocked the David Lee Roth ensemble without apology flipping his yellow mane to and fro and ‘accidentally’ turning into the wind to show it off.  Hurrah David Lee wannabe the 80s were an intense decade and Van Halen one of the best “Party on dude pass the grass oh look its an asteroid,” bands of all time.
Next their was Mr. Chipmunk. Mr. Chipmunk wore a frizzy half mullet with the Chipmunk mustache and beard with the section taken out near the middle of the lip and two buck teeth the size of Texas peeking out beneath his oddly trimmed whiskers.
It took ever ounce of  professional discipline and all the inbred politeness of a southern upbringing I possessed not to laugh, point my finger at him and shout Alvin (See animated series Alvin and the Chipmunks) are you sure your old enough to gamble. Alivin was a poodle sized Chipmunk who could talk by the way.
Now back to drunk people(okay not the best transition).
On one morning in the city of sin in one casino on one shift three people were found sleeping in their cars another was rousted from a restroom where he had stopped to see man about a dog and was just to tired or to drunk to get out of the stall and another man just sat down at a slot machine and fell asleep sitting in a chair.
Call my hotel for me and make my neighbor stop smoking marijuana.
I’m not sure how you feel about people who stand in the road holding signs and staring face to face with SUVs revving engines and drivers eager to get home at the end of the day but the sign guy who hangs out at a Flamingo Road Cross Road.

 A Sin City side street in a rare quiet moment

This week jogger report….
A new report suggest jogging helps extend you life span by as much as six years. To quote my teen’s favorite text message fad OMFG. The fashion joggers, grunge joggers, heavy metal joggers (okay maybe they were running from the disco on the PA)  picture taking joggers, confused joggers and old joggers and cute couple joggers and on and on and on. They are all apparently here to stay now as much a part of the landscape in the city of sin as the cartoon characters posing for pictures and the businessmen who party the last day of their convention away with women named after food items, holidays and seasons of the year can you say …”yes my name really is Easter Mocha Autumn Johnson

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Til Next Week
Take Care

Have you ever been hiking in the desert and suddenly come upon people who look like they stepped out of an old British movie about desert hopping archaeologists, like extras in a Indiana Jones movie or the scary elderly extras in a 1970s desert horror movie, short sleeves and unfashionable Bermuda shorts  exposing earthy tans and scary smiles who seemed to disappear into the desert.

                                                                              Anyone know of desert hiking ghosts who drive a late model Chevy. I mean its not like two older overly tanned archaeologist could out hike me ???? I was in the army for heaven’s sake in the infantry…..25 years ago but still….


 Just because its cool—Photos by Royal

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