The shaggy blue haired dye job and Starchild embraces the wind

This weeks jogger report….
I swear I saw a jogger running with a cup of coffee in his hand. Maybe it was water but it sure looked like coffee. Now that’s a feine head (caffeine lover)
Anyone so determined to have that first drink of caffeine laden coffee in his hand when he is ready that he brings it with him on the morning jog is a dedicated feine head. Sin City might run on ego, alcohol and hormones but it survives the morning on coffee, old music and bad lighting.

Self Explanatory---Photo R.M. Hopper

 Self explanatory —Photo R.M. Hopper

“Do you want another card sir?…Sir do you want another card?”   “One minute,” might be the response as he takes a huge gulp of coffee looks at the woman beside him and asks “who are you???”  No not really..well sort of …

This week in the city of Sin I discovered long shaggy dye jobs are not just for chicks anymore. I saw a young man with a really attractive woman  on his arm and bright blue dyed hair walking across a local casino. For a moment I thought he was a giant life sized blue haired Cupie troll doll or a well dressed Anime character.



I think he was Canadian or a mutant same thing really. Canadians are always trying to swim when locals consider it freezing cold and passing out from heat exhaustion on pleasant 100 degree Southern Nevada summer days.

You see a lot of working girls here in Las Vegas, and no I don’t mean working girls, I mean working girls. After awhile you can spot some of them. They dress differently and know how to walk down a busy city street in six inch heels without tripping and falling on their ass, no mean feat.

Pun intended….. One morning, very early in the morning, I saw a woman dressed in a striped form fitting disco evening gown with wild frizzed hair, that was a little flat in the back if you get my drift.
It could be she was a rabid Tina Turner fan rocking that retro look at 6:00 a.m. or a business woman with shockingly bad taste in clothes and make up getting her groove back  but probably not. She was stumbling a little as she walked and I can only guess that she had a busy night.

Silliest crimes of the week. Someone at a local casino risked the wrath of the Buddha by trying to take pennies from a small shrine of the same sitting on  a table near a group Asian themed table games and one woman bummed a cigarette from a tourist and then quizzed the poor man on his life, saying she wanted to get to know him. They both smoked after all and had so much in common.
This tourist who I will call Starchild after my late mother-in-law a genuine Starchild for the New Age who will be very much missed, later stood facing the sharp, gusting winter wind blowing that day, spreading her arms wide holding her open palms to the wind and closing her eyes as if to truly feel the wind and embrace it like a loved one.
I have one thing to say about that. “Rock on Starchild,”  If makes you feel, if it helps you deal, if it sees you through the day, don’t change, or sway . If that’s the weirdest thing you do in this city of sin, your not all that weird no way…..

Such is Life in the City of Sin

Til next Week

Take Care

PS I just heard that Nevada is the first state to approve self driving cars. Scary thing

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