The Size Snobs and Green hair doesn’t make you Irish



By Royal Hopper


One of the weirder things that happened in the City of Sin this week was a conversation about penis length and the way women feel about it.
. I had this conversation with a man who will remain anonymous for what I should think are obvious reasons.
Anyway this gentleman,  I think I can use that word, was complaining quite loudly about a girl he knew who was a decided snob.


Three scottish guys …Photo by Me
She wasn’t a social snob or a fashion snob or even a purse or shoe snob. Apparently this chick was what this acquaintance called a SIZE snob. She was as he put it really into guys with big weenies.
This gentleman must have been somewhat of a romantic because he complained that this chick was missing out on the possibility of romance with someone shall we say smaller in stature.
“What if she falls in love only to find out the guy has a four inch penis. Does she leave the love of her life because he has a small organ?”  He posited  (Love those old phony G rated curse words. My mother used them all the time. This is a woman who refused to crap for most of her adult life)
“I just feel sorry for her she  has never been in love and probable never will, he pined looking at me for an answer to this uncomfortable conversational question.   “I’m married for 17-years to the same woman,” was all I could choke out before he grimaced a scowl at me and ranted on about the injustice suffered buy the small of penis.

Some Scottish Guys Photo by RM Hopper
A report on the national news portrays Las Vegas as a light drinking city. I would really hate to be in the heavy drinking cities on a busy weekend if that is true. It could be that the people we constantly find laying on

 the sidewalk every week are from out of town. Locals I’m guessing go some place safe like their own home to drink some much they cant remember their names.   
It was St. Patrick’s Day in the City of Sin ending up passed out drunk in a strange place is strange enough and common enough in the City of Sin on an ordinary day.
Doing that ignominious thing in a ladies restroom is a step further down the road of hedonist stupidity, but passing out drunk on the floor of the ladies restroom bare naked while your erstwhile lady friend is nearby having her hair held by a friend so she can throw up without getting it dirty is stupid even by Vegas standards.
Doing all this drunken tom foolery with a  green hat, green socks, green shoes green face paint and green hair extensions doesn’t change anything except the color you turn when you pass out.

        Refuse from a long days night in the city of sin—Photo by Me RM Hopper
All that and more happened in the city this week. I personally saw a group of younger Las Vegas patrons race imaginary cars across an empty street while their less inebriated friends strolled calmly across the empty intersection laughing and high fiving and chest bumping each other as they reached “safety” of the other side.
Later that day employees of a local casino walking into work reported witnessing a man being struck by a car while crossing against the light and not at a cross walk. Advice for all those visiting the City of Sin. Fully one fourth of the drivers in this city are under the influence at any time. There is a reason they put barriers on the median on Las Vegas Boulevard to prevent people from crossing the street.
I might add that jay walking is against the law in Nevada. That’s what the pedestrians crossing the street on the strip found out when they crossed the street in front of a man dressed in a bright green leprechaun outfit. He was a cop waiting for just such crimes to be commited so he could write them tickets. Reports say he wasn’t even Irish oh the scandal.
Many see the City of Sin as a cute movie where no one remembera running naked through a random parking lot with a strange person’s underwear  on their head or get so plastered they forget what decade it is. They see bright lights and Disney themed adult play lands where gambling and drinking are okay and even expected.
It is all that and more. It is also people who get picked off of crosswalks by drivers on their way to work, homeless guys who get run off from respectable properties because they are weird even by Vegas standards and people sleeping on the sidewalk because they have no where to go. Yes it is jackpots and whirlwind romances. It is also hookers, drug dealers, bums and broken dreams.
On one side of the street families stroll taking in the truly impressive sights, and on the other side two guys who don’t know each other meet on the street.
One fishes something out of an expensive suit and shows it to the other they exchange something and walk off in different directions. Old Army buddies??? Really friendly tourists  ?????


Oh well such is life in the City of Sin                              

Til next Week


Take Care

                                                                 Refuse from a long days night in the city of sin—Photo by Me RM Hopper

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