Terrible Things, Silly Things and a Paradimes

By Royal Hopper

I often talk about the wonderful apathy of the City of Sin. This week’s happenings in Sin City emphasized that paradigm in dramatic  fashion.
First there was the eccentric gentleman who proudly stood on a Sin City street corner on Flamingo Road with a bright yellow sign proclaiming the Evils of Zionist domination of the world and how Jews were evil or short or something equally nonsensical.
Anyway in keeping with the standards of that wonderful Sin City apathy no one was really paying attention to the crazy Zionist hating guy as he waved his bright yellow sign at impatient commuters.
Even the guy in the pick up truck who by appearances could been on his way to marry his cousin or sell his swastika collection to pay for  red neck conspiracy theorist school seemed more annoyed than interested in the tin foil hat protesters.

Strangers in the intersection

Everyone within sight was uninterested until this gentleman, and I use that term loosely,  walked out into the intersection holding his bright yellow conspiracy sign high above his head Now he was in the way now the light was turning and it was time to get home for that last beer of the day and now people were angry.

A busy city of Sin intersection early afternoon day this week—photo R.M. Hopper


Drunk People and lots of them

This week several people were seen wandering around a casino drunk randomly sitting down at next to another patron speaking unintelligibly about no one is sure what in a language I have called drunkese.
Drunkese spoken with an accent can even be more confusing than normal American drunkese. One gentleman was English or Ausie it was hard to tell and was upset that no one seemed to understand his dialect of that ever so common Sin City language, drunkese.
The other gentleman was Indian or Pakistani perhaps.
He spoke some English judging by how he nodded his head when security guards spoke to him, but of the guards had some knowledge of drunkese perhaps from his days as a police officer. 
People tried to help them but he couldn’t be understood so he grumbled and walked out mumbling in his heavily accented drunkese.

People disappear here all the time. Every week or so anyone who has access to LVPD press releases gets a notice about missing person in the metro area and I’d be willing to bet there are many more who are missing and never get reported on.
As I have often said the City of Sin does not create these problems it just doesn‘t hide them.… The following press release from the Orange County Texas Sheriffs office proves this point.
Mark Julian Oldbury was last seen by family members on February 2, 2012 at approximately 4:00 pm in the Mansfield Ferry Road area of south Vidor. Since that time Mark Julian Oldbury Jr. has not had any contact with family or friends. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Oldbury, please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

These things happen even in Texas


This city is not an oddity many people assume it is. It is simple constructed physical and culturally in a way that concentrates normal madness and reveals it to the world….
Sometimes the madness is deliberate and harmless if sad.
For instance perhaps it was a pile of clothes seen leaning against an orange construction barrier on Las Vegas Boulevard unmoving and unnoticed by passersby tourists and locals alike for a good two hours at least.
Perhaps a practical joke. Perhaps it was a residentially challenged man bundled up against the cold catching some ZZss. Perhaps it was something worse. But none the less people stepped around him on their to famous pawn shops, free cocktails and giggling while taking snapshots of naked women statues and they  kept moving and he kept laying there.
 In another part of the city a residentially challenged man piled his meager stack of personal belongings in a heap as a shield against the stiff winter breeze that was blowing down the street.

The Ying and the Yang of Las Vegas beauty as broad as desert mountain Vista  as breathtaking as city sized Picasso cityscape and as shallow as a neon corn dog.


Such is life in the City of Sin

‘Til next week

Take Care



Author Phillip Garbarino who seen was seen jetting around town dressed in red and looking like an extra at a Buffalo Springfield reunion and promoting his latest literary effort ( an ebook for all you heroes under the age of 30. )
I caught Phil going through the Riviera Hotel when he stopped to ask for direction in the ancient labyrinth like Rat Pack era casino.

I read the treatment and it looks like an interesting book to read, but it caught my attention because when I read the summary of the book I could picture the Devil walking down Las Vegas Boulevard. I could picture him ash covered wings, diabolic smile, red sun tan  and all posing for pictures with busloads tourists and trying to convince people he was the real Devil.  People here wouldn’t run screaming or smite him with their Bibles although some might try to steal his wallet. People here would pat him on the back and buy him drinks at a local casino. In Vegas the Devil would have to do more than wear a red leather suit to be believed or even noticed.

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