Strangers in your bed and dont look at me dude

Sometimes people come to this city to be noticed. Some come to the City of Sin to not be noticed which is kind of silly when you think about it. It’s a lot like a rooster hiding in a flock of peacocks hoping to be mistaken for a crow. The most memorable stories occur when these would be party animals wake up, not only wondering how they got in an elderly man’s bed but surprised they are in Las Vegas in an elderly man’s bed in their underwear. 

 Waking up drunk in an old man’s bed
Shortly after calling paramedics for a 78-year-old man who passed out at a bill change kiosk security guards falling over and striking his head, security guards at one casino were called to a room by a hotel guest who said he walked into his bedroom and discovered a strange drunk guy was laying in his bed passed out and snoring.

It some cities this would be cause for surprise and doubt but here in the City of Sin the gaurds just sighed and followed their elderly guest the his room.
Sure enough when they arrived the gaurds discovered a man not registered to the room passed out and, lying on the older man’s bed in his underwear. his clothes strewn about the strangers room.
When first interviewed by the guards, when they were able to get him awake long enough to speak, the inebreiated gentleman didn’t know his name or what city he was in, Colorado Springs being his most consistent answer.
He had no ID or even a wallet with library card in it and kept spelling out loud  CALL, calleusse or something to that effect, which is not his name by the way nor is Michaels or Smith, names which he also gave to guards who were trying to check the hotel registery to find what room to take him to.
After several abortive attempts the guards managed to get he man to put on enough of his clothes to stumble into the elevator and ride downstairs,  where they retrieved a wheelchair for him and took him to the security squad room and tried to find out where and with whom he belonged .
Paramedics were called because in Vegaas thats what you do when you have someone who can barely speak and doesn’t know who he is.

 By the time paramedics arrived ther man was sober enough to speak in short sentances and senior medic managed to coax the man into giving them his wife’s phone number. 

The man’s wife agreed to come and get the inebriated gentleman and she was understandably upset when she arrived. Security guards who were in the room nearby writing a report about the day’s incidents giggled as they listened to the man explain his adventures to his unsympathetic spouse.

Anyway it turned out not only was he in the wrong room he was in the wrong hotel …The right one being across the street and several blocks down the street.
Hey don’t look at me
Another young man was spotted walking down the Las Vegas Blvd. moving quickly and apparently trying not to be seen.
The hood of his jacket drawn over his face and black band T-shirt he wore with the appropriately rebellious slogan on it and his black beatnik jeans made him stand out like a sore thumb. However, fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, even though his self defeating attempt to go unnoticed was a failure, as is often the case in the City of Sin  no one who noticed actually cared. Even the nearby female tourist decked out in red headed Goth Gear seemed to giggle a bit and roll her eyes at the determined fast walking black dressed “ghost” as did a nearby Country and Western Couple a, an Asian couple snapped pictures of each other and giggled at the bronze sculptures of scantily clad women and a few other more mainstream tourists were completely oblivious to the young man as he passed by them determinedly down the street, perhaps waiting for the man to stop so they could take a picture with him. “Hey Mommy, that one looks like the character in that serial killer show lets get a picture with him….”

Roll reversals and the future generations of Sin City Partiers

In some cases modern men feel so taken for granted that the conversation you over hear in a casino goes something like this.
“How is it I’m supposed to know everything,” this guy said to his attractive girlfriend who was holding her tongue trying to appear sympathetic and have the slightest clue what he was talking about.
 “Can’t we just walk and figure it out,” he added.  I guess roll reversals are in full force now with the men feeling underappreciated and not listened too and the girl feeling somewhat confused and annoyed and trying to fix things logically and being rebuffed for her lack of emotional intelligence and intuitional insight.
One can only picture what the parents of children who were seen carrying them down Las Vegas boulevard as the entire family stared wide eyed at the sights will say 20 years from now when on the next family vacations.

 “Look baby that’s where your Dad got so drunk he forgot his name and was found in another man’s bed. 
Not such a rare thing in this city anymore.
As they used to say when I was in the service..Huuuaaaahhh
 Such is life in the City of Sin…

“Til Next Week

Take Care

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