Las Vegas invaded by gun toting cowboys and people who talk to themselves

By Royal Hopper

The Gun Show

This week the City of Sin was again invaded by people with guns, strange dudes who talk to themselves and have strange taste in clothes. 

No Nevada hasn’t been invaded by Belgium although I have it on good authority this actually happened, Gun shows, that most American of pass times, comes to the city of sin this week.
( No this is not sarcasm I am from Texas and do own a couple of guns myself but admit it where else except maybe dangerous or exotic places like Afghanistan or Detroit would you find such an open display of fire power)

This particular show had nothing on display Rambo would have known. This time the cowboys were here to buy pricy antique wild wild west tools of destruction that Jesse James and his ilk would have know well, including an eight guage shotgun and a Bowie knofe the size of my arm.

Two of the cowboys that invaded the City of Sin this week pose for fans at the Antique Gun show

Humans is the craziest People

One of the gun show patrons was particularly revealing  ..
He sported a gray and white mullet, a goatee, a Harley Davidson racing jacket and had an I miss the 80s air about him. I’m not talking a casual, I was tripping on acid  and listening my Billy Ray Cyrus albums, excuse me album, when I got this hair cut.
No, this was a redneck version of Ziggy Stardust in his prime. 

 Imagine if Wille Nelson and David Bowie somehow got together and had a child artificially grew it to 15-years-of age time traveled back to  1980s to raise it.
I can hear Diamond Dogs, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, and Achie Breakie Heart, remixed into some kind of bizarre insane 80s dance tune playing in the nursery.

Willie Billy Ziggy Jr. and his friends spent all week looking at and purchasing antique firearms and hauling them to their nearby parking garages. There hadn’t been so many firearms in Vegas since the age of Bugsy Segal and Tony the Ant or so many good tempered outlaws since the days of the Dalton gang. 
Another individual was seen walking through a casino having a conversation with himself and giving small items like designer soap to people rather than asking them for money.

Another individual stood in the lobby dressed in his pajamas with a pink top and blue bottoms with white polka dots that were cut off at the knees. He was wearing slippers and smoking a cigarette as he asked patrons for money quoting Shakespeare and Broadway show tunes as he was led out of the hotel by security guards.
“Charles Manson is angry,” the pink clad man said also mentioning Joan Crawford and several other unidentifiable Broadway denizens.

Another look at couples

This week I also decided to revisit the subject of couples.
As I have said before the way couples behave when they are together in the City of Sin is very different from how they act as individuals even they aren’t partying, drinking or gambling.
Once again I saw the role reversal couple walking side by side obviously lost. The woman ( this was an older couple by the way) was far more dangerous looking and refused to ask directions or stop to get her bearings and both seemed fine with it.
There was what I called the Smallville (notice the difference in spelling to avoid using copy written material) couple. They both looked lost and overwhelmed by the Vegas ambience and still to proud to ask directions.

“You ask them…no you ask them…” 

Then there was the truly odd couple where both were energetic and aggressive,  walking around pulling each other in different directions like wild horses or hyper 2-year-olds on a play date.

One couple I saw was particularly interesting. It was mixed race couple The man was Asian and was dressed like he had just stepped off a Tokyo commuter train and a girl next door, angry looking Caucasian woman dressed in all American blue jeans and a T-shirt with some obnoxious celebrity on the front.
The lady was going off like a car alarm in heavily accented English and the man was looking at her with a puzzled exasperated expression for several seconds before he sighed and stated in a perfect mid western English.
“I cant understand you…” adding as he stalked away “Freakin Foreigners” ……..


such is life in the city of Sin

Til Next Week

 Take Care

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