Recovering from New Year’s Eve and wearing clothes is hard work

This as the City of Sin week the city recovers slowly from the ravages of the the end of Year festivities laughingly called New Year’s Eve. Hotel guest spent  days stumbling sleepily and hung over to security podiums all over the city to search for ID, jewelry and underwear lost in the New Years debauchery.

One fellow who shall remain nameless
Apparently this man brought another man to his room to participate in some NewYear’s Eve debauchery ( I don’t know what kind and in Sin City it is sometimes better not to ask) Anyway he woke up three days later battered and bloodied claiming not to know what happened and phoning in a suspected robbery to hotel security in a trashed room spattered with blood.
All righty then.


This type of sign is often seen in older casinos because apparently in the old days people were surprised when they encountered casinos in Las Vegas …Photo R.M. Hopper


Putting on clothes is hard work
Another man deciding that putting on full set of clothes after two days of excess was an excessive amount of work strolled through a casino dressed in a large pair of boxer shorts and a white T-shirt like a 300 pound zombie with bad breath and hangover pills falling from his stumbling fingers as he tried to openly pursue a young woman who even smoking a cigarette and checking out football scores on the Sports Book television as she walked was to quick for him to catch much less ….well catch…if you get my drift.

Coming attractions
Guess what’s coming to the City of Sin in the near future. What is the one convention where tattooed working girls, robe wearing soccer moms and Punker green haired grandmas, and desperate horny New Jersey housewives might hang out together here in Sin City.
Wait for it…wait for it….I’ll give you a hint….bzzzzzzzzz…….okay another pass the batteries….That’s right boys and more importantly girls. The Sex Toy convention is coming to town again as the weather warms and the convention season prepares to go into full swing. OMG…WTF…..ROFL…..Imagine an entire spacious Vegas convention center ballroom full of buzzing and squeaking marital aids.
I’m told there is a convention of porn stars also headed this way in the near future. Did I mention the Consumer electronics show is also due to stop here. So that means the city will be full of salesman and computer geeks near the same time these more adult conventions are in town.

To Good to be True
Warning…Las Vegas PD reports that a particularly desperate individual is going around town talking up lonely and possibly drunken women and convincing them to trade $100 bills for $1,000 in Dunes chips.

The chips are souvenir chips and incidentally the Dunes was imploded 15 or so years ago. I know because I saw the comedian Gallagher there the year before it was imploded and worked at the Bellagio, the hotel that replaced it after it was imploded.   can you say  “I like totally don’t eat meat because I’m like veterinarian,” (Just in the interest of not committing  plagiarism  that phrase is from a commercial made long ago and is a copyrighted T-Shirt slogan. I knew that you could.

Another Day in Sin City
Look outside the doors of any casino and quite often you see what I saw one day this week. I saw a shapely working girl or stripper or maybe just someone who liked tiger skin dresses that showed off her assets. I saw Asian tourists taking cheesecake pictures of each other  ( I mean no offense but tourists take lots of pictures and some take pictures of everything). People in costumes, and carrying signs, a family with their kids in tow one of them dressed like a Jester and a bike rider stopping in his tracks and suddenly realizing he doesn’t look cool riding his bike down The Strip sidewalk and realizing even more accurately that know here cares. Cops were called for a man who threatened to kill himself, hotel guests discovered mysterious spots of blood in their rooms and a pair of working girls complained about getting kicked out of one place because…you guessed it …because they are prostitutes…

Such is life in the City of Sin

Til Next Week

Take Care

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